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DealDash Tricks for Presents on a Budget


With holidays of all types coming up – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, you will need to buy gifts. Here are some tricks from DealDash to get presents on a budget.

There are millions of dollars spent on holiday presents every year. Studies have shown that most people are in a financial bind after Christmas. It is okay to give your family and friends nice presents, but you don’t have to put a hole in your wallet. Sticking to a budget when buying presents will help you stay within your limit. You can still buy memorable gifts on a budget. Here are some tips on how to buy presents for family and friends on a budget, from DealDash.

Set a Budget

If you do not create a budget, you are going to spend too much money on holiday presents. Make a list of the people that you are buying presents for. Put down an estimation of how much the gift will cost and set aside money for that person. This will give you an idea of how much money you need to spend on presents.

Shop on Black Friday

Black Friday is when some of the best deals come out. You can take care of your Christmas shopping list by going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It is best to go early in the morning to get the doorbusters. Make sure to make a list of things that you need to buy and try to stick to it. Shopping on Black Friday will save you a lot of money.

Shop on DealDash, of Course!

If deals are what you are searching for, then DealDash is the place to shop! You don’t have to wait for a big sale, because you can get awesome deals on DealDash every single day. Personally, I have gotten many things such as a fancy memory foam pillow, a designer sweater, and lots of jewelry for over 50% off! There are gifts for everyone. Here are a few ideas:

Gift Cards of all types: Click for the Gift Cards category

Toys and Games: Click for the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category

Clothing, Shoes, Purses, and Scarves: Click for the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category

Tools, Art, and Home Decor: Click for the Home, Garden, and Tools category

Try Cash Only

If you are on a very strict budget, you can pay for Christmas presents in cash. You will be tempted to go over your limit when you have a credit card. With cash, you will be forced to stick to your Christmas shopping budget, and you won’t go in debt. It is easy to lose track of how much you spend when you use your credit card. Sticking to cash will ease your financial worries after Christmas.

If there are items that you need to order online, consider using your cash to “charge up” a prepaid debit card. This way you can pay online, but you will still only be able to use the particular amount of cash that you have saved up.

Thanks for Reading

Shopping for Christmas presents can be a fun experience. These tips will help you stay on a budget, so you won’t spend too much money. You can still buy nice presents for your family all while staying on a budget.

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on holiday gifts on a budget. Don’t forget to check back often for new articles here. Leave a comment with your favorite gift idea!

DealDash has gift for kids and adults. DealDash has auctions for toys, electronics, and home decor. Great items can found on DealDashVisit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone! 


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Reaching Your Goals with Help from DealDash


Sometimes you just need a little help to reach your goals. Here are some tips from DealDash to get you started.

Let’s face it, achieving your goals can be hard. That’s why they are called “goals” and not “stuff you do every day”. You may have a personal goal such as running a 5K or getting a promotion, or you may have a team goal such as winning a trophy. Most goals are achievable through hard work and practice. Here are some tips from DealDash to keep you striving for your goals.

What is Your Goal

Before you can work on achieving your goal, you need to know exactly what it is. Really think about it, and jot down some notes. For example, I mentioned above that your goal might be to run a 5K. Is your goal to enter a race and complete the 5K, or is your goal to just become a better runner? Write down your thoughts on your goal, and come up with a solid answer.

Once you have come up with a solid goal, then it’s time to work on a plan to achieve it. Please note, that some goals are simply not possible, but you can put forth your best effort and improve yourself along the way.

Break it Up

After you’ve come up with your goal it’s time to come up with some steps to achieve your goal. You typically can’t go from zero to goal, you have to complete some steps along the way. Using the 5K example, you can’t go from never running to entering a 5K. You would have to start slowly, first by walking the distance, then by walking and running, then running the distance. This goal would typically take a few months to achieve if you worked very hard. Even if you didn’t ultimately achieve your goal you would still be improving your health with every step. So figure out the steps that are needed with your particular goal, and get to work.

Think Positively

From the moment you have decided what your goal is to the day of completion, it’s important to think positively. Thinking positively can put you in a better frame of mind and encourage yourself to complete your goal. Even when the going gets tough, it’s important to keep a good attitude and think positively.

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on ideas and tips to reach your goals. Don’t forget to check back every day for new articles here are well as on our sister blog, DealDash Tips. If you have any requests for specific articles, please feel free to leave a comment below. I love to see your comments and answer your DealDash questions.

What do you need to complete your goal? Go check DealDash for gift cards, sneakers, and more. DealDash has all of the items that you need. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!


dealdash This sponsored blog post was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this post. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Talks Metal Recycling

When most people think about recycling the first thing that comes to mind is paper, closely followed by plastic water bottles. Did you know that you can recycle many different types of metal?

Most people are familiar with aluminum can recycling, and amazingly an aluminum can goes from being tossed in your recycling bin to being back on the store shelf in 60 days! That is very helpful for the environment, since the recycling process for an aluminum can is so fast there is no need to mine for new materials. Not only does that save our resources, but it also saves gas and manpower as well that can be used for other things.

If you’re curious about the process of how aluminum metal is recycled, it’s pretty simple. First the different types of metal are sorted by magnets, and the aluminum is shredded, washed, and cut into chips, which are in turn melted down. After they’re melted down and formed into small aluminum bricks they are ready to be made into something new! Usually more cans, but they can also be made into aluminum foil,  bike frames, staples, nails, computer parts, golf clubs, ladders, mailboxes, faucets, pots and pans, and even car rims and car trim. It’s amazing how many everyday items are made out of aluminum. Now doesn’t that make you want to recycle your aluminum cans?

Did you know that you can recycle metal products other than just regular aluminum cans that food came in?  You can’t just throw them in the bin, but goods containing precious metals like appliances and phones can often be recycled as well. You just need to find your local scrap yard or e-cycler to get them on the road to being recycled. Or better yet, if they are still working, why not donate them to a charity store? Some of the bigger thrift stores won’t take appliances and computers, but the smaller non-corporate shops as well as the church second-hand shops usually will. Just be sure to call before you bring in anything large to make sure that they have room for it. Saving the Earth while helping other humans – it’s a win-win situation.

Speaking of winning, how about heading over to DealDash? They have plenty of products that have been made from aluminum such as bikes, pots and pans, and mail boxes! Just click this link right here and it will take you to DealDash, look around and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Helps: Inspire Us

DealDash is a company that strives to be fair and honest. What could be more inspiring than that?

DealDash has a certain knack for inspiring people. Here are a few tips to help you be a more inspiring person. Do it for your family, for your friends, or for your co-workers. Everyone admires a person who they find to be inspiring.

What do you find inspiring? One of the things that I find the most inspiring personally is hope. Hope for the future, hope for life to be fair, hope for peace for the world and all of us in it. To be inspiring to people you have to give them hope. To give another person hope you need to show them that even if things are tough right now if they persevere there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, or a reward for the struggles that they are sure to face. Be inspiring by being realistic to challenges but having hope and faith that things will improve in the long run.

Think of any inspiring story that you have heard on the news or read about in the paper or online. What do all of these stories have in common? They have a real-life hero that isn’t afraid to do the right thing even in the face of adversity. To inspire people you have to be the best that you possibly can be, and act as a leader that people can look up to and feel comfortable following in your footsteps, trusting that you will do the thing that is best for everyone and not just yourself.

Who do you find inspiring? If you aspire to be a power bidder in the online auction world of DealDash then you should watch the auctions as much as possible and pick out a few bidders that you find inspiring and try to emulate their bidding style and their success. Why not start right now? Just follow this link to DealDash and get started! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

I am originally from North Carolina, I moved up here to Massachusetts in 2004, so you would think that I would be used to the weather by now! However, every time the weather turns cold I dread the ice and the snow. Luckily, Dealdash offers some awesome winter products, including Snow Joe!

The first product that DealDash offers that’s great for the winter is probably the most obvious– The snow blower! There are a few different brands, but the one that I think that I see come up most often is the Snow Joe brand. There are a few different varieties of the Snow Joe, but the one that I think I see come up most often is the 18” electric snow blower. 18” is a great width for a snow blower– It’s wide enough for a sidewalk or walkway, and perfect for a small to medium size driveway. It’s the perfect size because it takes much less space to store than one of the wider ones, yet it still has a lot of snow clearing power. This snow blower has a 13.5 AMP motor, which translates into being able to move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute! Can you imagine how much your back will thank you when you use this snow blower from DealDash?

Another great winter product that DealDash offers is ice scrapers with brushes for the car! I have no idea how, but it seems like I misplace my ice scraper every year or so and need to get a new one. It was time to get a new one this year, and I was so happy that I started seeing them come up for bid on DealDash last month. The one that I got was the Hoppy Ice Crusher Extendable Snow brush, and I have used it a few times since it arrived. It breaks up the ice really well, and the extending brush is really great for shorter people (like me!) to be able to brush the snow off of the top of the car. I am really very happy with it, it feels very sturdy and works well. Dealdash also offers a smaller scraper, made by Snow Joe, that has a brass blade and is compact and perfect to stash in your glove compartment for when you need it.

These great winter products come up pretty often on DealDash, so my best advice would be to do a search for the winter product that you are interested in and hit the blue “Alert Me” button at the bottom of the product screen, and DealDash will send you an email when there is one coming up for bid soon. That way you will know when they are coming, and you can go book your Bid Buddy! Good luck Winning some great winter items!

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

circut Expression 2 Teal

Cricut Crafting Machines Available on DealDash

I love all things creative, from sewing to embroidery to scrap booking to painting. Scrap booking is something that the whole family can enjoy, and I am very hopeful that my kids will be crafty, like Mommy. DealDash has the tools to help me succeed with that goal.

You may have noticed that DealDash has kid’s craft sets from time to time, some of the sets I have seen are The ALEX Toys Loop ‘n Loom weaving kit, The Sew Cool Machine, The Knitting Machine Set for Kids, and many more. This is great for a crafty Mommy, because sometimes it’s hard to show kids how to be creative with adult craft supplies. With these fun kid’s kits it’s much easier to get them started.

circut Expression 2 Teal

Another thing that I am really excited that DealDash offers is die cutting machines. There are three machines in particular that DealDash offers, two of them are made by the Provo Craft company, called Cricut machines. There is the Expressions 2, and also the Explore that I have seen offered on DealDash. These are very expensive machines, The Expressions 2 goes for $241, however the last time that it was offered on DealDash was November 26th, and the final auction price was only $3.04, and the winner actually only had to pay a 1 penny transaction fee, because it was offered on a Free Auction Weekend. The other machine that has been offered a few times on DealDash is the Brother ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine, which goes for a whopping $491! However, I have seen this machine have a variety of final auction prices, the lowest of which was only $4.05!!! All of these machines are great quality scrap booking and home hobby cutting machines, and I am lucky enough to own the Cricut Explore. I am definitely looking to expand my collection to include the Expressions 2 the next time it is offered up for bid.

The last crafty thing that I would like to bring to your attention that DealDash has quite frequently, and that is both sewing and embroidery machines. DealDash has quite a few different models of Brother sewing machines up for bid, two of the ones that I see most often are the Brother 17 Stitch Machine, and the Brother 20 Stitch machine. I personally was lucky enough to WIN the Brother 20 Stitch sewing machine just last week for only $14.06! That was a great WIN for me, because my old sewing machine is really on it’s last legs! So thank you DealDash, you saved me from having to spend full price on a new sewing machine!!

If you are interested in WINning any of these great creative products I would suggest to you that you do your research before you bid, and figure out exactly how many bids that you are willing to spend on each item. Once you figure that out you should book your Bid Buddy and let it do the work for you. It’s really the best feeling to book your Bid Buddy and come back to find out that you have won. Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone.

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

DealDash giveaway

DealDash Winning Giveaway

I consider myself a generous person as my big DealDash wins were given to my two grown daughters.

Who couldn’t use a $250.00 Exxon gas card? At one point, I was on Deal Dash so much, one daughter was actually putting in her requests. Because she is saving to buy a home, I concentrated on Home Goods and started winning auctions such as a Boss Executive chair for her office, Rachel Ray pots and pans, a Breville Hot Wok, a $200.00 Target gift card, a $100.00 TJX gift card, and a $300.00 Amazon gift card.

The only question I had was… I never saw my daughters cook? One daughter lives in NY and the other one eats here just about every night. So, there is a little confusion on my part. 🙂

One of the only winnings that I kept for myself was the multiple CVS gift cards I won on DealDash.com. At my age, I am on multiple prescriptions and the CVS cards became a necessity. In a few months, I will be on Medicare!

My advice and bidding tips to all shoppers on DealDash and those considering to give it a try is to…

  1. Learn how to play first
  2. Be prepared to Buy It Now
  3. Use auto bid (BidBuddy)
  4. See who you are bidding against and get to know your competition
  5. See what previous winners paid.
  6. Most of all, do not overpay just to win
  7. Have fun and Happy Bidding

What do you do with your DealDash wins?

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie

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DealDash giveaway

DealDash Bid Exchange

Winning to Exchange for DealDash Bids

Some of my wins on DealDash.com consisted of a low dollar item that I would be able to trade in at payment for bids instead of the actual product.

When browsing the penny auctions on DealDash I came across a few things which were not useful for me however decided to bid on them anyway. I didn’t actually know about the item to bid exchange option at the time or never really noticed it because I was always winning items that I wanted so it did not pertain to me. When you win an auction you actually have two options: a) purchase your item and option b) exchange to bids!

DealDash Item to Bid Exchange

I came across it by accident when I won an auction for a pack of markers. I was paying $1.25 for some Crayola markers I thought my niece may like. There was the usual option to pay for the item and have it shipped or exchange it for a number of bids. I thought about it and decided to give it a try and went ahead and exchanged it for bids this time.

Since then, I’ve found myself watching small dollar items a bit more just to win them and exchange them for more bids than I used to win the auctions. It’s one of the processes I use when bidding and it’s gained me a few product exchanges for bids. I think this fits my “conservative” bidding style and would venture to bet that others do this as well. Whenever you do decide to press that exchange for bids button DealDash prompts you to confirm this is something you actually want to do.

DealDash Item to Bid Exchange Prompt

What kinds of DealDash strategies do you use? Do you use the exchange to bids option?


A little about myself: I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of it’s ability to exchange for bids when you win an auction and the ability to buy it now and get your bids back if you lose an auction.

By Gigi Pence

DealDash Fireworks Winners

See DealDash Fireworks Explode

We all like fireworks, those bursts of color and light. They light up the night sky in abundance on the 4th of July. However, we can see fireworks any day of the year whenever we win an auction on DealDash. It is such a thrill to see the fireworks and the ‘Congratulations – You Won’ banner.

DealDash Fireworks Winners

You sit at your computer, looking for that special item you want and then you start bidding. I have found, on several occasions, that if I watch too closely I seldom win. When I start bidding, but do not watch every bid, I do better. During the Memorial Day special of ‘free wins’ and 3 times the count down, there were a lot of bidders for all the items.

When a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card opened for bids, I placed my bids using bid buddy and was also caught up in a book. I would check back every now and then and add more bids as needed. Low and behold, suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw fireworks and knew I had won by not watching too closely again!!

If you watch every bid, try looking away for a short while and see if this works for you. Try not to let your emotion overcome you when bidding. See these critical mistakes people make when it comes to bidding in auctions.

Regardless of how you win, love the fireworks and enjoy your win!

Happy 4th of July Deal Dashers!!

Now go get your fireworks! Deal Dash is selling bids at 14¢! That’s the cheapest amount they’ve sold bids in over a year!


dealdash auction win limit

DealDash Auction Winning limits


auction winning limits on dealdash A lot of new folks don’t realize they can only win so many auctions in one week. In case you’re one of them and not sure of the winning limits on DealDash.com, you can win 6 auctions that have a value of less than $200 a week. You can also win 3 auctions valued over $200 in per week. Once you have reached your max wins you can no longer bid on those kinds of items.

DealDash Auction Winning limits

To ensure equal chances for everyone to win you can win up to 6 items valued less than $200, and 3 items valued more than $200 per week. You can follow the status of your wins by logging in and looking at the winning limit slots right next to the bid amount. The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining Bid Buddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.

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I love using this to my advantage when I want an item and the person I’m bidding with is in two or more auctions I’m in. Let one go, just let them have it. They will no longer be able to bid in any of the other auctions so that’s one less person you have to worry about. If it is just me and them on 2 auctions I pick one that I want and let them have the other one. We both win but it is my choice which one I win. Or watch the auctions, if they are bidding with someone else and win one auction then they can’t bid on the other auction they are in, and there is your chance to jump in and grab a win.

You also have the option to see who is on their winning limit by going to your dashboard and clicking on who’s on their limit button. It will cost you 1 bid but it is 1 bid well spent. You can see everyone’s username that has reached their winning limits. This is another helpful tool that DealDash has set up for you to plan in your next bidding strategy.

Good luck with your bidding 🙂

DealDash Buy it Now review

Reviewing why to Buy it Now on DealDash

Reviewing DealDash's buy it now feature

One of the absolute best reasons for bidding on DealDash.com is their Buy it Now option. While other penny auction sites offer a buy it now feature, none of them offer to return ALL, yes I said ALL, of your bids back for free!!!

I can buy it now for the full retail price (say $25 for a $25 gift card) and have all of my bids returned to bid again if I would like.

When the buy it now option first came on to the scene, I was skeptical and wondered why would someone pay full price? You really are trying to win the auction. Your intent is to win. Well, most of the auctions I am on are competitive auctions and the other bidders are all trying to win too. So, I spoke with a few other bidders, and their reaction was pretty simple and clear cut. “Why not?”

After all, if there are 30 bidders all going for the same item, and you have reached your own personal limit, the buy it now option lets you get the item you wanted, and for free, all of your bids come back to you to try again. Oh, and shipping is always free on DealDash. You really don’t lose. My daughter says I skip to the mailbox! Not sure about that, but I am awfully happy to collect my winnings and plan my next adventure on DealDash!

By Joan Vith

I’m a grandma of two boys, who are my pride and joy, and a retired HR Specialist currently working as a volunteer manager at a non-profit. I have been playing penny auctions since 2011 as it lets me enjoy being competitive and win. You don’t get those opportunities at work or being a spectator of sporting events.

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DealDash Buy it Now review

DealDash Buy it Now

DealDash Buy it Now Review

Review of the “Buy It Now” on DealDash

DealDash Buy it Now Review

The “Buy It Now” is a great feature of DealDash. I really wanted  a pressure washer. Well I wasn’t lucky enough to win it so instead I used the Buy It Now feature on DealDash.com and got the pressure washer I wanted and all my Bids back for free.

I have also used the Buy it now on some other auctions items like a bicycle, lawn fountain, gift cards and more. I then use the Bids I get back to win auctions like an 800 Bid pack I won! Even thought I may not always win with the bids I get back from the Buy it Now purchase, I still have fun trying to win and I’m happy with my purchase.

I think that even when you lose an auction on DealDash, you can still win with the Buy it Now.

I now have a very clean and renewed deck, a happy grand child and other items thanks to DealDash. One of my most favorite things about DealDash is the free shipping. It is wonderful that you don’t have to pay for the shipping of your auction wins like you do on other online shopping sites. DealDash also gives you the tracking information of your win so you’ll know exactly when you can expect your package to arrive.

Another wonderful feature is the ability to earn free bids with the time as highest bidder meter.

I love when DealDash offers 2X and 3X faster timers going so you can earn way more free bids than usual. You can’t beat the Free auction days and 50% off auctions either. This is where Deal Dash pays the final selling price when you win an auction or you only have to pay 50% of the normal selling price.

Be sure to review DealDash bidding tutorials and the blogs for tips other useful features.

DealDash.com offers an outstanding customer service staff and are always good about helping. They are well-trained to help you in every way they can within their guide lines. I have never had a problem and recommend asking for assistance if needed.
Thanks for reading! Please comment below! Written by Pat LaBelle (suvgal)
DealDash Congratulations Winning Auctions

Congrats! How To See DealDash Fireworks

DealDash Congratulations Winning Auctions

DealDash continues to excite me with everything I win on this site. However, there is some things that just seem like you bid on forever and still don’t win. So what do you do when having a difficult time winning auctions on DealDash.com?

I usually go with two options in this case.

1. I decide to go shopping with the gift cards I win on DealDash to simply buy anything I have difficulties winning or have not won.

2. I simply use the buy it now option on Deal Dash to get the item I wanted and my bids back.

I recently won a $100 Toys R Us gift card for $1.43 and used this to buy my kids a volleyball set for the backyard. This is one of the things I have bid on in the past, did not win and chose not to use the buy it now. My kids have been wanting one for a long time so we went shopping together and got just what we wanted!

I also won a $100 gift card to Walmart for just 1 penny!!! Yep, we had fun that day! 🙂 My kids got $50 each and we all went shopping together! They had so much fun!

I have saved so much money shopping on DealDash and winning gas cards or doing my food shopping from gift cards I receive. I mean it does not get any better than that! I also won a $100 BP gas card for 17 cents too!!! Which did more than just fill my tank up. 🙂

So some of you may ask, How does she do it???

It’s simple… you have to place your bids to win. I am a small bidder for the most part, if I don’t win within a few bids I’m out. If it is just me and one other person, I am all in and usually wont quit until I have no bids left. I don’t like wasting my bids when there is a lot of people in auction, I will move on to the next thing and so on. More often than not I see fireworks!!! It is so exciting!!

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Free DealDash Bids Win More Auctions

Win Auctions Collect Free DealDash Bids

Free DealDash Bids Win More Auctions

Deal Dash does a lot to help the player win. They have great promotions you can participate in each week to get some free bids. All you have to do is be willing to participate.

You will notice every month they throw a promotion for three times your bids, or five times your bids. This promotion will help you get the time needed to jump up to the next level. Every level you go up the more free bids you can get. Right now I am very close to getting to level 19, which means 150 free bids for completing level 18.

Deal Dash also allows you to post on Facebook for free bids. The more the item is worth the more free bids you can get. And they allow you to do this every week. If you have a great week on DealDash.com, and happen to hit your limit on small and large items, be sure to take your picture with those items, and get your free bids. It only takes a few minutes, and is well worth it.

Another great free bid strategy is Pintrest. I had never had a Pintrest page until I joined DealDash. Each week I receive 50 bids from Pintrest for pinning my DealDash wins to my Deal Dash board. It was not hard to create the page, or do my weekly pinning. If I have a good week I can get 250 free bids, and my wins from those bids can end up equaling more free bids.

What are you waiting for!! Start collecting your free DealDash bids to start winning and saving more!

By Erica Baughman

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Free DealDash Bids

DealDash Penny Auction Deals

DealDash.com Weighs in TOPS with Me

Several of my best friends and I are all active members of a weight loss group – Take Off Pounds Sensibly. The president of our TOPS chapter suggested that we each get a good bathroom scale to keep track of our weight, as well as a kitchen food scale to monitor our food portions. I knew it could cost plenty to purchase those scales. Therefore, I was thrilled to see that DealDash.com offered both kinds of scales, and they are high-quality ones, too!

Food Scale Review Won on DealDash.com

Won for 8 cents and 3 bids on DealDash.com

First I bid on and won an Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale that measures not only weight but also body fat, water, muscle and bone mass. Not long after that my friends wanted one, too. I knew those scales would make excellent birthday gifts, but I could not afford to pay full price. Instead, I started winning them on DealDash.com and now nearly all my friends have the scales they need.

Soon after I won a bathroom and food scale for myself, I won two more to give to my best friends for their birthdays. Of course, I could not win all of the time, so I did do a Buy-It-Now to get all my bids back on a few of them. Back on April 24, I won a $57 Ozeri Touch Digital Bath Scale for only 25 cents and 4 bids. I plan to give this one to my granddaughter, a soon-to-be sophomore in college, for Christmas.

I also won several kitchen scales. I won a $36 Taylor Stainless Steel Electronic Kitchen Scale for only 8 cents and 3 bids — one of my best wins so far. I won my first $26 EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale for 62 cents and 22 bids. Last March 26, I won a $39 Taylor Digital Kitchen Scale for only 34 cents and 15 bids. Overall, I got some fantastic deals on scales. I even use my food scales to weigh my clothes to wear my lightest clothes to TOPS to ensure I come in with a weight loss.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on DealDash.com since Feb. 8, 2012 and reached Level 41 with over 450 auction wins.


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Hot Deals Cooking On DealDash

I think DealDash is all about opportunity. An opportunity to get some great deals, an opportunity to shop at all hours, an opportunity to save gas by shopping on your computer at home, and an opportunity for second chances.

In the past, I have unsuccessfully bid on cookware. I lost those auctions for various reasons, and believing that everything happens for a reason, after I got over the loss, I decided to try one more time. This time I was successful.

I won this $143.00 T-Fal 18-piece Nonstick Inside and Out Cookware Set. There were 22 other bidders participating and I was certain that I was going to be lucky if I could manage to get this for around $50.00. I was thrilled when I won it by using just 22 bids and it only cost me 98 cents!

We use this cookware daily and I love the fact that is nonstick both inside and out, has hooks on the handles so I can hang it up and it looks pretty in the kitchen when it is not in use.

Won on DealDash.com

Won on DealDash.com with 22 bids and final selling price of 98 cents!

One of my favorite recipes is spaghetti with my homemade meat sauce. When you get your own pans, you may want to try it.


  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 2 pkg. sweet Italian Sausage links
  • 2 pkg. hot Italian Sausage links
  • 2 pkg. McCormick Spaghetti Sauce mix
  • 2 large onions, chopped
  • 2 large green peppers,
  • 2 lbs mushrooms, cut in half
  • 4 cloves fresh garlic, sliced thinly
  • 2 large cans whole tomatoes, crushed
  • 2 large cans tomato paste
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 cups hearty burgundy wine
  • 2 + tbsp each – dried or fresh Parsley, basil, Italian seasoning, oregano and 4 large bay leaves

Brown the ground beef and drain off the fat. Boil the sausages and drain off the fat. Combine all ingredients in largest pot available and let simmer for 2 – 4 hours, adding additional water or wine if needed, until the sauce is thick enough to your liking.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013. I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia currently searching for a job as an administrative assistant.


DealDash Reviews And Why Customers Love Auctions

Why I Love DealDash Penny Auctions

DealDash Reviews And Why Customers Love Auctions

Why do I love the penny auctions at DealDash? Well for starters, I like the rush I get when I “win” a Deal Dash auction – especially the ones where you only use 10 to 15 bids and only pay $0.56!

Those are the ones that give me the most rush. Not because I didn’t use a lot of bids but because I “won” a $15 gift card. Ok, the use of very few bids gives me a rush as well but the price is what really gets me!

The ability to bid on items that I would buy anyway with the added auction aspect makes the whole concept very intriguing and a fun shopping experience. For example if I were to go to Burger King, I would spend around $15. I have no problem using bids on it and getting it for 56 cents because I would spend the money anyway. DealDash’s policy to give you the option of Buying It Now and getting your bids back keeps the site at the top of my list. I don’t ever feel like I’ve lost when I have the choice to purchase the item I was bidding on and get my bids back. Plus all items, no matter what they are, come with free shipping so you don’t have to worry about hefty shipping fees.

The No Jumper limit is another thing I really like about the site. With this, as soon as the bidding gets to a certain dollar amount, the auction doesn’t allow new bidders into the mix which is good because new people who just logged onto the site can not come in at the end of an auction and take it from the ones who have used their bids to get the price up to a certain amount. I think it makes it fair to the bidders. Only the bidders who placed a bid in the auction at the beginning (before $5 limit) are able to participate.

I’ve been bidding on DealDash.com for about two years and really like it. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to Deal Dash because of it’s ability get your bids back when you don’t win an auction when you buy it now.

By Gigi Pence

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DealDash Win Limits

DealDash’s Weekly Winning Limits

I have started to earn my six wins per week on DealDash pretty often which causes me some angst.

While I am not complaining about the six wins (they have been coming at a relatively low cost :)), I seem to go through this bidding withdrawal! I am wondering if I should try for the higher priced items or should I go to the other sites I occasionally bid on. So, I decide to try for the higher priced items and quite often get KO’ed.

I ponder the idea of bidding on other sites and return to one of my pre DealDash favorite penny auctions. I decided to go for it and purchased bids at 75 cents each and proceeded to lose them and won nothing in a really short period of time. Not to be deterred, I bought another bid pack that cost $35 and proceeded to lose those 50 bids as well on this other site. No auction win, no buy it now and I have lost $70 cash in all. I am like a dog with a bone though and am determined to win something, so I buy more bids for $15 and proceed to win four $15 gift cards for a total of $60. Do the math, I lost $25 in this process of bidding on this other site.

While there are no shipping fees for the cards that I won, the fact I cannot buy it now to get my bids back on the auctions I did not win, is really frustrating. If you don’t win on many of the other penny auction sites, you really lose. I mean really lose. I much prefer DealDash.com and will try to win my six auctions a little slower to avoid going to other sites, and who knows I may get a lot better at winning the higher priced items too! Great part is knowing that if I don’t win, I can buy the item I wanted anyway and get all my bids back.

DealDash Winning Limits

To ensure equal chances for everyone to win you can win up to 6 items valued less than $200, and 3 items valued more than $200 per week. You can follow the status of your wins by logging in and looking at the winning limit slots right next to the bid amount. The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining BidBuddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.

DealDash Win Limits


giftcard deals on DealDash.com

Save With Gift Cards On Deal Dash

giftcard deals on DealDash.com

The story starts… a long long time ago…Ok not really just 1 1/2 years ago I started bidding on Deal Dash.

Could it be possible for everyday working people to find some deals every now and then?  Step up to the plate people we now have Deal Dash!  Starting with less expensive items then working my way up I was bidding on everyday items and gift cards.
Here’s a way to do it.  Want to go to dinner but don’t really want to spend $50.00?  Bid on a gift card and save some money.  I have won gift cards for as low as 1 bid and up to 100 bids.  Average them out and you can still save a lot.  Some cards that come with bids actually will pay you to take the card. I won a 25 bids with $25.00 Fridays gift card for 22 bids, so they gave me the card and 3 bids. I also won a 30 bid back with $25.00 Applebees gift card for 12 bids, so they gave me the card and $2.70 back in bids. Gotta love that. That’s a way to take the family and a couple of friends out to dinner.
Need a short vacation. Get a gift card.  You have gas expenses and hotel rooms to pay for.  Some gas cards will be a little more challenging to win in the auction because everyone wants them.  But if you can win a few and BIN (Buy it Now) a few you can still save a lot. Bidding on hotel cards is the same. I have won a few and had to BIN a few but still managed to save at least 50%. So wouldn’t you want to go on a 1/2 price vacation?  I have managed to save and even paid for a friends hotel room a couple of times.
Do you need an item that DealDash doesn’t offer? Bid to win a gift card. There’s a round about way to do it. I needed a few items for home improvement like paint and molding. Bid on a Lowe’s or Home Depot card. Then go to the store. I even picked up filters for the ac and a few plants.  Do the same with the Amazon cards.  Then you can get anything you want.
Bidding for gift cards on DealDash.com is a great way to go!
DealDash user: Newfden
DealDash Review Auction Win

Another Hole In One On DealDash

DealDash Review Auction Win

I have been trying for some time now to win a complete set of golf clubs for my husband, having previously won a golf bag, a putter, and a pitching wedge, all for a total of $2.00 and a Golf GPS for $1.79. I admit I have tried numerous times to win a set of clubs, but always end up bowing out or quitting. This time I decided I was in it to win it!

It took way longer than I was expecting, as I traded bids with several different bidders as they popped in and out of the auction. Finally, the set was mine! I spent 851 bids total and the winning bid was $23.53. It was also a Free week so my final price was $0.01 minus the costs of my bids. My out of pocket was also decreased by the fact that I leveled up during my time bidding and collected 540 Free bids. I then only “paid” for 311 bids at about 15¢ per bid. The timing was perfect.

Since Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, I stored it away in my daughters closet until we give it to him on June 15th. He doesn’t get to play as often as he wishes since he still works full time, but I hope to have him all set once he is old enough to retire, Thanks to DealDash !

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

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Home Theatre DealDash

Building My DealDash Sourced Media Space

Home Theatre DealDash On a whim. I entered an auction for an Elite Screens – Manual Series 92″ Pull-Down Projector Screen valued at $125.00. I thought “wouldn’t that be nice for our basement”. Maybe making it a nice place for our daughters to enjoy movies with their friends. To my surprise, I won it for $1.78 using 33 bids. I figured, now I need a projector. Well that has proved to be very hard to win, and I have tried plenty of times. 

So then I figured I would try for a set of speakers. I bookmarked the Yamaha 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System. 5.1 channel means it comes with five different speakers, this home theater system is nice and valued at $350.00. I plugged in just 5 bids, then clicked onto another auction. I had totally forgotten about the speakers till I clicked back onto the page to see the CONGRATULATIONS!!. I thought “what did I win?”. I was shocked to find out it was the speakers set. Won on my 5th and final bid, for a winning price of $0.37. 

Well now I just need to win the infamous projector. I hope it will come in time so I can create an awesome Media room!

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

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Picture Source: Shutterstock

DealDash Deals and Reviews

Saving The Day Thanks To DealDash

DealDash Deals and Reviews

I decided earlier in 2014 that I wanted to save money to replace the flooring in my kitchen and dining room from linoleum to wood floors. I figured I could stretch my dollar even further by bidding on gift cards to Lowe’s or Home Depot on DealDash.com. I bid on a $100.00 Lowe’s gift card and was able to win it for $0.78 using only 6 bids on DealDash. Although I have not yet had another win like that, I knew I at least had started to build up a savings fund for what I hoped would soon be enough to pay for the flooring in full in the future.

Well fate had other plans. I was in my kitchen cooking this past weekend and as I went to turn the kitchen faucet off, the handle broke off in my hands. It was an expense I really didn’t need as I have more pressing bills to pay for right now. I remembered that I had that Lowe’s gift card and thought awesome! I gave it to my husband for him to go and pick us out a new faucet. After debating several choices, my husband and daughter picked out our new faucet. The gift card covered a good bit of the price with a little additional out of pocket.

I guess I will have to start my flooring “bank” all over again, but that’s ok. I am grateful we had the gift card to fall back on at a time it was needed.

By Kim Finnegan 

I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

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DealDash Man Cave Dreams

DealDash: Supplying Man Cave Dreams Since 2009

My name is Victoria and I’ve been a bidder and shopper on DealDash.com since 2010.

Over my bidding history I have won and bought a lot of items. I would like to take a moment to tell you about my all-time favorite item that just tickles me even now just thinking and talking about it.

It is the Nostalgia Electrics – Coca-Cola Series 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator.

CocaCola Cooler Won On DealDash

It was a free weekend on DealDash which means everything you bid on is free (an example of that special bidding time was Mother’s Day Weekend). You can bid on an item and the cost is zero.

On one of those free weekends I placed my bids and won the Nostalgia Electrics – Coca- Cola Series 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator item for $0.01. The “Buy it Now” price is $142.00. Can you believe it, what an awesome win! I was stunned and I got so tickled my husband thought I was losing it. I was so excited about winning a refrigerator for a $0.01; I had to try for another one.

I had to get two because I have one son that is a Fire Fighter in Houston, Texas and another son is a Police Officer in Dallas, Texas. I gave each son one of Nostalgia Electrics – Coca-Cola Series 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerators for their “Man-Caves” as a Christmas present.

I was so happy and it still brings a smile to my face thinking about my win. My sons loved their refrigerators and I was “Mother of the Year” according to my Sons.

Thank you DealDash for providing awesome products to bid on! Here are the “Man-Cave” Nostalgia Electrics – Coca-Cola Series 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerators I won.

By Victoria L Overton

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DealDash Reviews and balance

Find A Good Balance With DealDash

DealDash Reviews and balanceOn the DealDash auction site I recently bid on a Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level. No, I did not win.

But I am excited to let you know that I was able to acquire the item by making a purchase through the “BUY IT NOW” option.  I bid 45 bids on the Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level.  But to the young un-seasoned bidders, I was able to get my bids back and purchase my level.  Isn’t that a great option?  I got the item I wanted and did not lose my bids.

Now, you are asking why would I bid and lose then purchase the item I was bidding on. Well, it makes very good financial sense.  I was going to buy the Craftsman level anyway.  I would have gone down to my local hardware store to purchase one.  By bidding on the DealDash Auction site I got to stay at home and not use up my expensive gas to go to the store to purchase it.  All I had to do was get on the DealDash Auction site to bid; win it or buy it; and wait for it to be delivered to my front door.  It makes great money sense to me.

Now why did I want to buy a level? Well I have a sweet and handsome handyman husband who loves to do special things for me. We have a lovely home and I have beautiful pictures on the wall which I take great pride in.  My husband, sweet thing, is always helping me do the things I need done. Husbands “gotta love em”.  Well, let me just say wall pictures in our house sometimes are a little bit lopsided.  Having a level will sure cut down on the nail holes in the wall. My sweet husband always says “Oh well at least the picture will hide the nail hole”.  Uh huh! Well just like a man never asking for directions or reading a map I decided to buy him a tool to make things level, easier, and eliminate the extra nail holes behind our pictures.

I am providing a picture of my sweet handsome Husband with his new Craftsman Digital Torpedo level and my beautiful lithograph that is not lopsided, I might add.  Thank you, Deal Dash Auction for having great items to bid on.

By Victoria L Overton

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DealDash Winner

DealDash Win

Dreaming About Winning A 2000 Bid Pack?

Dreaming about winning a 2000 Bid pack on DealDash.com? Here’s how…..

I tried and tried to win me a 2000 bid pack for months now. I tried many different ways and finally found one that worked!!! A few weeks I finally won my 2000 bid pack for ONLY 22 CENTS!!! That’s right, it only cost me 22 cents for a 2000 bid pack valued at $1200.
I can’t stress how important it is to study your auctions. But here and now Im going to unleash my secret to you. The answer has been right in front of you the whole time.
On the One-Per-User auctions there is a previous winners list on the bottom left side of screen. Look for the pattern there. Not with the winners but with price. If you see that 2000 bids has sold for $1.00, Ask your self why you would bid to $30.00. The key here is to be in EVERY 2000 auction. Put 10 or 20 bids on each one and be patient and don’t go crazy, there will be another one.
4/17/2014 $1.16 bigdaddys1956
4/16/2014 $2.21 BidsandHoes
4/16/2014 $1.33 dboffill
4/16/2014 $3.75 TooBadTooSad
4/16/2014 $13.63 Ellenaj12
4/16/2014 $50.95 joanieberg
4/15/2014 $61.16 Gabana
4/15/2014 $10.70 rholliday
4/15/2014 $9.54 ashleyjade
4/15/2014 $0.30 ElleBelle55
4/14/2014 $51.94 gmccoy
4/14/2014 $48.96 dbigchop
4/14/2014 $3.52 stoppeck10
4/14/2014 $48.21 efflanrames
4/14/2014 $21.34 steves2
From the dates selected above you’ll see 6 out of 15 have sold for under $5.00 and 3 out of those 6 were around $1.00. So if you follow my advice and are willing to spend 10 to 20 bids in each 2,000 Bid pack auction you may eventually come across the cheap win you’re looking for!
Good luck to everyone and congrats to all of the recent winners of a 2000 bid pack!!!
Written by Nicole Kososki

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dealdash customer reviews

What Motivates Someone To Bid On DealDash?

Being “Grandma” to two grandsons, I have always been challenged with what I could give them that they would truly appreciate and/or use? I happened to come across iTunes cards on DealDash and thought I don’t know what you would want those for, but I bet my grandson might have a use for it. So, I started bidding on iTunes cards and won them fairly easily. I got some great deals on the iTunes cards and collected them long enough to be able to give him one or two when he made good grades or accomplished something wonderful on the ball field. The big grin I got from him made my day! Not being that savvy on the iPods, I realized this was a good way for me to “seem” to be with it, even though I really am not.

The younger grandson has a passion for Mario and Luigi so I purchased him a WiiU system with Amazon cards I won on DealDash. I was also able to accumulate enough Toys’RUs gift cards to reward him for good grades and other personal achievements so he can buy the games he wants to play. I don’t buy any games for him, he gets to select the games he wants. He also has an assortment of handheld Nintendo DS games and the cartridges are pretty expensive. If I can win a card or cards, on DealDash, I can give him what he needs to keep up with the ever changing variety of games they have. “You’re the best, Grandma”, is music to my ears.

Both of the boys are extremely slim and finding the right jeans for school can be a challenge. Lo and behold, DealDash has Old Navy gift cards. Did you know Old Navy carries a slim jean? Both of them can wear these jeans comfortably. Back to school shopping was a lot easier for my daughter when I handed her the stack of Old Navy cards I had won and purchased over the past few months last fall.

Bidding and winning on DealDash has allowed me stay in the loop with these two boys. I am so proud of both of them and even more proud that I am able to give them something they really want without struggling to “find”, the perfect gift. DealDash ships fast, the gift cards are always right, and I get to feel special. Thanks DealDash for having the variety of cards that you do! This is my motivation and I am a true Fan!

By Joan Vith

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Win DealDash Auctions Even When You’re Not Looking


I began bidding on DealDash in September 2012 and have not looked back.

I was pretty determined to bid and win the auctions for items I could really use or wanted from the prizes being offered. I had been using another printer from my laptop for a while, but somehow became disconnected and could not re-install. After several efforts I just gave up having a printer and would send things to others for them to print for me.

One morning before work I looked at the auctions being offered and realized I could bid on an HP Office Pro Jet wireless printer and maybe, just maybe, I could win one. I loaded all the bids I had left after a few days of bidding and set my bid buddy. I knew I may not win the printer, but at least I was willing to try.

That evening when I returned from work I looked at the DealDash auction site and noticed I had bids in my account. I thought that was odd since I had put everything on the printer. WOW! I checked my dashboard and there it was, I had WON the $300 HP Office Pro Jet printer and still had some bids left! Darn, I had not gotten to see the auction and did not know who, how or why. Did not matter, though, I was thrilled with my Deal Dash auction win! The cost was $12.78 and free shipping! Who could ask for more?? By the way, I got the printer in two days! WOW! Freaky fast! LOL 🙂

I was able to hook it up pretty easily and it is wireless so no big cords running all over the floors. Now I print the coupons I receive by email, receipts for purchases I make online, and the photos I get of my family are easy to print too! Free shipping, fast shipping, and buy it now if you don’t win, makes DealDash.com the best place to bid on penny auction sites!

By Joan VithDealDash WInner

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About AuthorCollege graduate with over 30 years work experience in professional organizations. Worked mainly for non-profits. Really enjoy working with people and making a difference in our world. I love my grandsons, who still think I am cool, and I am very proud of them. Live in the Midwest. Looking for Spring soon!!!

DealDash Gift Cards

How To Win Over $1000 In Gift Cards On DealDash

In just a few months I have won over $1000 in gift cards through DealDash auctions.

This includes a $100 Foot Locker gift card for 46 cents, $100 Walmart gift card for a penny, and many more.
I have found that gift cards are a very easy way to get your money back with DealDash. If you scroll through the winners page you will find that $25 and $50 gift cards often sell for under $2.00. When I buy a bid pack for 200 bids I can get one for $34 or so if they are on sale. By winning a $25 gift card for $1.00, I have almost received all of my money back. That frees me up to go after bigger things if I know I have most of my money back. The key here is not to go crazy! I use maybe 10 bids per gift card. If I win the card GREAT, If not I move on to the next one, THERE WILL BE A NEXT ONE.
Watch to see what gift cards have sold cheap in the last 24 hours or so. If they have sold for 50 cents once they will sell for 50 cents again. The question is… Will you be the next winner???
Good luck and don’t forget to use BID BUDDY.
Don’t be foolish with your bidding 😛
Written by Nicole Kososki

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DealDash Gift Cards DealDash Gift Cards DealDash Gift Cards

Play Smart Win DealDash

Play Smart Play To Win On DealDash

One common question new bidders might ask is “How can I play smart and win big on DealDash?”

I discovered DealDash.com on Feb. 8, 2012, and I have been having fun shopping on this penny auction site ever since. During a 50 percent off auction April 16, I won a $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card for only 3 bids and 15 cents.  Wins like this are what makes shopping on DealDash.com so exciting and fun.

Play Smart Win DealDash

To play smart and win big, try this DealDash winning strategy:

Instead of placing just one bid at the beginning of the auction, place a low number of bids into BidBuddy, the automated bidder, at the beginning of each auction. This strategy works extremely well whenever all of the other bidders are new to the site and do not yet know how to use BidBuddy.

Even many experienced bidders will place only one bid in the beginning of an auction with the intention of placing more bids later on during the bidding process. If you are the only bidder with bids placed into BidBuddy, your second, third or fourth bid might slip between the cracks when single bids stop coming in. If you focus on winning auctions soon after the bidding begins, you will only use a low number of bids and pay only a very low closing cost. I noticed this is the only winning strategy some experienced bidders use.

Written by Barbara Sellers

About Author: I am the sixth born from a family of 14 (7 boys and 7 girls), and I grew up on a farm in Minnesota. I now reside in Tacoma, Wash., where I graduated from the University of Puget Sound. I am a single, retired public affairs officer and Army newspaper journalist, who is writing my first novel, a memoir titled “Get Tough or Die.” I have two adult sons and one granddaughter now attending Pacific Lutheran University to become an elementary school teacher.

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SodaStream On DealDash

A Well Deserved Win On DealDash

After I purchased the SodaStream Genesis Soda Maker for $105.99 using the Buy It Now option on DealDash. I received my 474 bids back which I invested $85.32 in bids so really the SodaStream only cost me $20.67.

Deal Dash auctioned off a tray to keep the SodaStream organized.

I happened to be on Deal Dash one day and won the Mind Reader All-In-One Storage Tray during a free auction win sale. I needed a place to organize my SodaStream with all of the various flavors that I have. I don’t recall how many bids I used but I’m certain it wasn’t over priced but in the end I was able to win this at a bid of $3.50 but only had to pay that fabulous price of $0.01 plus Free Shipping. This win was very useful because as you can see from the video the storage tray really helps to keep the SodaStream and falvors organized to help prevent a cluttered counter top.

DealDash Tips To Friends

I have never been disappointed with any of my Purchases or wins at DealDash and I recommend it to all of my friends with the following rules to follow.
  1. Don’t stomp my bids.
  2. Patience is a virtue to winning auctions on DealDash.com.
I also always show them my wins and tell them “See how much you can save” on DealDash.com; after all it really is the fair and honest penny auction site.

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About Me
I live in Michigan, I have 2 grown up kids and 2 animal kids; one being Chloe the Beagle/Shepard and Milo the Fearless Feline. I also am a Registered Nurse but currently retired. My favorite activity is when the wind is up enough for me I love to go and fly my 8 foot kite. I usually get it to go up at least 500 feet and my record was 1250 feet when I lived in Florida. My daughter graduates from College next week “GO JILLIAN and my Son Steven lives in Indiana with his fiancé. I have become somewhat of a DealDash addict but limited on how much I can spend do to the limited income but I do enjoy watching other people bid. 
Written by Michael Barnes

The Deal Dash Deal You Deserve

DealDash ipad won

I have been a member of Deal Dash for almost two years. In fact, my two year DealDash.com anniversary is coming up in one month on May 22nd. I have purchased many items using the buy it now feature to get my bids back and I have been able to get some real good deals.

One of my best wins is the white Apple iPad Mini 16GB. I won this during a 50% off promotion – this is where the winner only pays half of the final sales price. I paid a total of $7.89 with free shipping and used 199 bids at 15¢ per bid. That comes to $29.85 worth of bids + $7.89 = $37.74 total price including the cost of my bids.

Some of the best bidding tips and advice I can share is for you to keep a count of the number of bids you are using. Make sure you know when you are coming close to bidding the equal value of the item so you don’t over bid or over spend. There’s a good article called Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping which I recommend you read to get a good idea about knowing when exactly to stop bidding. 

My Deal Dash bidding strategy is to always stop bidding at the point it is time to use the buy it now feature and get my bids back. Take it from my experience that when bidding, even at 15 cents per bid, it does not take long to spend a considerable amount of money. So be careful, count your bids, know exactly how many bids you are going to use in the auction, and do not over spend; otherwise you’re not getting the deal you deserve.

– Bigr74


One Customers Grand Shopping Experience On DealDash


In almost 2 years of being a DealDash auction shopper, I have won some of the most awesome things.

I have outfitted my kitchen with a stunning Breville toaster/convection oven. I won a blue KitchenAid mixer and every attachment except the ice cream maker. I was able to snag a 4 slice toast and most recently, I won an over the range microwave oven. In addition, I have won small items such as cookware, knives and bowls. I think I am set now. The only thing I’m missing is a brand new stainless steel range. 🙂

My home office has been upgraded with 3 laptops and a brand new printer. I have been enjoying my 45 inch flat screen TV in my bedroom for some time. I have won several pet beds and a large cage for my Foster animals that I care for when volunteering for our local county animal shelter. In addition, I have received many, many Amazon gift cards that I have used for pet supplements and food. During Christmas 2012, I was able to purchase a bicycle for my husband and an adult tricycle for myself using the Amazon gift certificates I received from shopping on DealDash.com.

Then there are the two Nikon cameras. One for me and one for my husband that we took to the Grand Canyon last year!!!

I want to thank DealDash and their superb support team and employees for giving me the opportunity to obtain so many grand deals for me, my pets, and my family. There is never a need to go shopping elsewhere. If I need something I go straight to DealDash!

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 Written by Dianne Aikman
DealDash Tips

Why It Pays To Sit Back And Watch DealDash Auctions

DealDash Tips

Over a week ago, DealDash offered 5x your free bids to generate more bidding on auctions. I have been a bidder since 2012 and have never looked for a reason to continue bidding! I am hooked and really enjoy the challenge of possible winning a great item or gift card.

Free bids have lost their attraction for me as I continue to move up in levels. It takes a very long time to fulfill the time required to earn bids. So free bids usually does not cause me to bid more or take more chances on auctions I know I will not win. However, the day I was bidding just happened to be the 5x your bid day. I tried repeatedly to win auctions, usually items I would buy anyway, but kept getting over bid by some zealous bidders looking for the 5x offer. It took me a while to determine the bidder was not wanting to win an auction at all, he was just wanting to get his time in. He (or she) must have bought more than fifteen $10 cards that day, he just slapped everyone that was on an auctionto be on top until the card went over $5, then he stopped. It did take me a while to see what he was up to and, knowing this bidder like I do, this was totally out of character for him. I actually won a card that day with less than 66 bids and the price was over $14! Needless to say I did not pay for the win but took the bids instead. Thank goodness DealDash offers this choice.

I have been very fortunate on some of my wins and I do not have rose colored glasses when it comes to my expectations of what I may or may not win. I stay on gift cards that I will really use and do not waste my bids on frivolous items just to get a win. I would rather enjoy what I won than be stuck with an item I have no use for. Imagine my surprise last week when I won a set of Panasonic phones! And, not only did I get a great deal, but they were delivered in two days.

Sometimes it just pays to sit back and watch. You have to know that you will pick the right auction and get a great win and not be influenced by other snipers, slappers, or over-bidders. DealDash is the best penny auction site on line and the trustworthiness of the organization is A+. My top choice by far!

By Joan Vith

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About AuthorCollege graduate with over 30 years work experience in professional organizations. Worked mainly for non-profits. Really enjoy working with people and making a difference in our world. I love my grandsons, who still think I am cool, and I am very proud of them. Live in the Midwest.

Giving DealDash Love

The Love Of Winning And Giving

Giving DealDash Love

I do love winning items on Dealdash but I also love winning for others.

I feels very good to give friends and family items I have won on Dealdash that they otherwise wouldn’t have or perhaps couldn’t afford.

One example is the Honeywell Portable Electronic Ceramic Heater I won for $1.88. During the colder months, we get super cold at work so I knew if I won the heater, it would be perfect for my co workers. They loved it when I brought it in and plugged it in, it heats beautifully!

Then I also won an Emerson 0.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave, Black for $0.79. My Mom owns a small business and her microwave was given to her several years ago and is in dire need of replacing. She doesn’t know it yet but hers is about to be replaced! Shhhh…

My daughter joked that she has a hard time sleeping and really wanted a sound machine. So I won this Conair Sound Therapy for $0.28. Boy was she surprised when I gave it to her. She said it has helped her relax and get to sleep.

So Dealdash isn’t always about what you win for yourself, It’s also what you can win to improve someone else’s life. Dealdash gives you that opportunity to stretch your dollar in this economy. Thanks Dealdash!

dealdash auctions


Happiness consists of giving

The Most Challenging Auctions To Win On DealDash


Apple iPad Air DealDash

I have been bidding and winning on DealDash since September 2013. I have enjoyed the time spent and the thrill when I win. There are a few items that are the most challenging auctions to win on DealDash so if you are going to join the fray, you better have lots of bids and lots of time. Here are a few items I recognize as hard to win on DealDash.

Gift Cards

$500 Walmart Gift card – Average selling price on DealDash is $190.67

  • I have tried to win this $500 Walmart gift card on many occasions without success and believe this is a difficult auction to win. It’s a “One-Per-User” auction meaning you can only win this particular item one time. You can bid on as many times as you want and use the BIN (Buy it Now to get your bids back) however once you win it, that’s it, you can’t bid on this item again. Generally any gift card over $200 whether it’s a gift card for gas, home improvement, or Amazon; they are always in demand so you better plan if you try for any of these.

Computers, Laptops & Tablets

Apple iPad Air with Wi-FI 16GB Silver – Average selling price on DealDash is $115.40

  • Computers, laptops and tablets are popular and always bring a lot of bidders. To have a chance at winning these, it will take time and patience. Most of these items are also “One-Per-User” auctions, however there’s a variety of different types of computers, laptops and tablets available to bid on. Keep in mind the “One Per User” only applies to a specific model. So for example, someone could actually bid to win a “One-Per-User” Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver and they could also bid to win a Apple iPad Air 16GB Space Gray. Why? Because these are technically different auctions because they are a different color. A different color technically makes it a different item.

This may seem strange, but even the $10 Burger King gift card can be a difficult auction to win. I have seen a $10 Burger King gift card auction close at almost the value of the card itself. Three recent auctions have closed at $9.95, $9.79 & $9.05. Add the cost of the bids used for each of these and you know the winner has paid more than $10; if they actually paid for the gift card to have it shipped. Another option when you win a item is to not pay anything and simply exchange it for some extra bids. Although I’m surprised to see this auction close at such a high price compared to the value, I have won this card twice. Both times I used Bid Buddy and left the computer to do other things only to come back and see I won!

My suggestion to DealDash would be to close the auction on these high value items earlier than the $5 No Jumper limit. This lessens the pool of bidders giving each of the bidders a better opportunity to win. If these items are “One-Per-User”, you can also check to see who won the auction previously to help with your bidding strategy.

Also, remember Bid Buddy (it does help) and keep an eye on the number of bids you have and make sure you enough when you try for a high value item.

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Below is a list of DealDash users who have won the “One-Per-User” Auction for the Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver and Space Gray. You can see the date it was sold, final selling price and which user won it! Calculate all these together and you’ll come up with the average selling price on DealDash.

Apple iPad Air DealDash

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB, Silver: Average selling price on DealDash is $115.40


3/20/2014 | $15.17 | tanksprincess

3/16/2014 | $172.52 | lk4753
3/8/2014 | $44.34 | botkind
3/4/2014 | $185.48 | dew1111
2/26/2014 | $123.53 | quocle
2/18/2014 | $9.85 | ductman1979
2/13/2014 | $146.37 | Phylis41
2/5/2014 | $53.08 | notstopp1ng
2/1/2014 | $188.22 | Keone
1/25/2014 | $85.00 | bsr551Saint
1/23/2014 | $46.22 | merse1949
1/20/2014 | $225.38 | tari
1/12/2014 | $216.91 | brumfield12
1/1/2014 | $127.31 | dolfan410
12/20/2013 | $109.56 | MuyBella
12/11/2013 | $74.22 | Afriganqueen
12/8/2013 | $49.27 | Bombadero
12/8/2013 | $186.98 | Parkway1432
12/7/2013 | $38.52 | Bidconstantly
12/5/2013 | $31.20 | telcom
12/4/2013 | $99.57 | JugglinAct
11/25/2013 | $41.70 | jackieugenia
11/24/2013 | $145.93 | rmb1671
11/23/2013 | $84.30 | WINBL0CKER
11/18/2013 | $131.88 | pataki1100
11/17/2013 | $41.84 | determined
11/17/2013 | $38.36 | Cheri127
11/15/2013 | $602.00 | 4boss (Known Free Auction Win)
11/15/2013 | $29.71 | dariandelanatj
11/14/2013 | $25.04 | solidc
11/12/2013 | $197.93 | tompakov
11/7/2013 | $286.21 | linkdab3240
11/7/2013 | $28.08 | Huggsmom
11/6/2013 | $70.00 | LocaPete
11/6/2013 | $13.83 | IHaveItNow
10/31/2013 | $212.32 | ez2luv
10/29/2013 | $337.25 | akadata
10/28/2013 | $158.55 | SweetAfliction
10/28/2013 | $14.39 | mastermindtech
10/27/2013 | $127.97 | GrandTheftAuto
10/26/2013 | $36.60 | NUTTERSDOG
10/26/2013 | $82.99 | Michhay
10/26/2013 | $172.19 | Trena1106
10/25/2013 | $63.11 | isawitfirst
10/23/2013 | $22.30 | OCDOCDOCD

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB, Space Gray: Average selling price on DealDash is $123.89


3/18/2014 | $117.16 | Southpoll
3/10/2014 | $20.86 | rockafella812
3/7/2014 | $287.82 | rustypill
2/26/2014 | $8.41 | notstopp1ng
2/20/2014 | $27.85 | btonner17
2/16/2014 | $246.43 | mlizzy
2/14/2014 | $91.74 | toertchen
1/31/2014 | $48.94 | iraqivet33
1/26/2014 | $122.81 | Counterfeitbid
1/19/2014 | $49.16 | Lam29
1/16/2014 | $130.72 | Lake247
12/31/2013 | $86.61 | jinzilla
12/21/2013 | $35.80 | propstar
12/21/2013 | $86.77 | eravea
12/20/2013 | $153.15 | allover
12/19/2013 | $104.43 | zacharysmomma
12/19/2013 | $35.27 | fbailey19
12/19/2013 | $282.43 | ez2luv
12/19/2013 | $60.03 | MENS678
12/17/2013 | $48.98 | EGuiliante
12/16/2013 | $102.75 | Teense
12/16/2013 | $194.69 | simon302
12/15/2013 | $152.97 | shadowlife89
12/14/2013 | $59.91 | cbarlow40
12/13/2013 | $48.84 | zgraviss
12/13/2013 | $175.10 | Bobby180
12/12/2013 | $61.39 | NUTTERSDOG
12/12/2013 | $134.29 | SanchezDrty
12/11/2013 | $332.06 | appleguy3
11/27/2013 | $143.82 | DLiles
11/26/2013 | $51.81 | mlark9191
11/24/2013 | $37.89 | Tambopm
11/24/2013 | $294.24 | wegn0059
11/24/2013 | $97.86 | Scjdirac
11/23/2013 | $154.02 | Fishbot
11/19/2013 | $107.43 | Justlearning
11/17/2013 | $24.40 | telcom
11/17/2013 | $206.80 | Glen1925
11/15/2013 | $385.43 | onlinebattle
11/11/2013 | $144.48 | okdrewok



Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping

I have had a lot of experience with DealDash. I have learned a lot about winning and it does have a lot to do with patience as Terry B. explains in his article Patience ❤︎ Patience ❤︎ Patience.

Using the BidBuddy and having lots of patience are very important in winning. I also like to put a few bid on lots of different auctions because sometimes auctions will come around where you just get really blessed and the auction will end early and fast! Sometimes by just placing 3 or 4 bids would land me an easy win.

Before you ever start bidding, I suggest to look at the winners page and find out the names of the bidders that bid a lot of bids. Plus studying the winners page can give you an idea on what type of items sell at lower prices and what items will likely require you to bid a long time to win. If you want to be sure to not lose money, only bid on items you can afford to do the buy now on if you don’t win. That way you get the item in the end and all your used bids back. Dividing the cost of the item by approximately 15 cents per bid will give you an idea when it’s a good time to stop bidding and do the buy now.

How many bids should I use before stopping and using the Buy it Now to get bids back? Let’s take a look at an example of a $50.00 item and dividing the cost of the item by $0.15 per bid.


In this example, stopping around 333 bids is a good idea because otherwise you’re likely going to overpay for your gift card. Remember you also have to pay the final sales price of the item so it’s good to calculate that cost as well.

DealDash can be a great place to get great deals, if you are smart about your bidding. Get in at the beginning of the auction and see who all is in the auction with you. Once you know who the big bidders are, you will get an idea of how high the auction price will go. Most important is be considerate not to do what is called stomping on others bid time, or the other bidders can get mad at you and bid more than normal just because they wont want you to win. Remember everyone gets credit while they are high bidder that goes towards earning free bid rewards. So bidding right after another bidder can cause some hard feelings. The only time I bid quickly is when I am wanting to get the price to the $5 cutoff period / No Jumper Limit to prevent other bidders from joining. Hopefully other bidders understand me bidding quickly then. Sometimes I mention it in my profile comments so other bidders know that I plan to quit bid stomping once it gets to $5.00.

From DealDash’s Biggest Fan: BigDaddy33