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How To Win Over $1000 In Gift Cards On DealDash

In just a few months I have won over $1000 in gift cards through DealDash auctions.

This includes a $100 Foot Locker gift card for 46 cents, $100 Walmart gift card for a penny, and many more.
I have found that gift cards are a very easy way to get your money back with DealDash. If you scroll through the winners page you will find that $25 and $50 gift cards often sell for under $2.00. When I buy a bid pack for 200 bids I can get one for $34 or so if they are on sale. By winning a $25 gift card for $1.00, I have almost received all of my money back. That frees me up to go after bigger things if I know I have most of my money back. The key here is not to go crazy! I use maybe 10 bids per gift card. If I win the card GREAT, If not I move on to the next one, THERE WILL BE A NEXT ONE.
Watch to see what gift cards have sold cheap in the last 24 hours or so. If they have sold for 50 cents once they will sell for 50 cents again. The question is… Will you be the next winner???
Good luck and don’t forget to use BID BUDDY.
Don’t be foolish with your bidding 😛
Written by Nicole Kososki

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DealDash Gift Cards DealDash Gift Cards DealDash Gift Cards

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