DealDash Congratulations Winning Auctions

Congrats! How To See DealDash Fireworks

DealDash Congratulations Winning Auctions

DealDash continues to excite me with everything I win on this site. However, there is some things that just seem like you bid on forever and still don’t win. So what do you do when having a difficult time winning auctions on

I usually go with two options in this case.

1. I decide to go shopping with the gift cards I win on DealDash to simply buy anything I have difficulties winning or have not won.

2. I simply use the buy it now option on Deal Dash to get the item I wanted and my bids back.

I recently won a $100 Toys R Us gift card for $1.43 and used this to buy my kids a volleyball set for the backyard. This is one of the things I have bid on in the past, did not win and chose not to use the buy it now. My kids have been wanting one for a long time so we went shopping together and got just what we wanted!

I also won a $100 gift card to Walmart for just 1 penny!!! Yep, we had fun that day! 🙂 My kids got $50 each and we all went shopping together! They had so much fun!

I have saved so much money shopping on DealDash and winning gas cards or doing my food shopping from gift cards I receive. I mean it does not get any better than that! I also won a $100 BP gas card for 17 cents too!!! Which did more than just fill my tank up. 🙂

So some of you may ask, How does she do it???

It’s simple… you have to place your bids to win. I am a small bidder for the most part, if I don’t win within a few bids I’m out. If it is just me and one other person, I am all in and usually wont quit until I have no bids left. I don’t like wasting my bids when there is a lot of people in auction, I will move on to the next thing and so on. More often than not I see fireworks!!! It is so exciting!!

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