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Save With Gift Cards On Deal Dash

giftcard deals on

The story starts… a long long time ago…Ok not really just 1 1/2 years ago I started bidding on Deal Dash.

Could it be possible for everyday working people to find some deals every now and then?  Step up to the plate people we now have Deal Dash!  Starting with less expensive items then working my way up I was bidding on everyday items and gift cards.
Here’s a way to do it.  Want to go to dinner but don’t really want to spend $50.00?  Bid on a gift card and save some money.  I have won gift cards for as low as 1 bid and up to 100 bids.  Average them out and you can still save a lot.  Some cards that come with bids actually will pay you to take the card. I won a 25 bids with $25.00 Fridays gift card for 22 bids, so they gave me the card and 3 bids. I also won a 30 bid back with $25.00 Applebees gift card for 12 bids, so they gave me the card and $2.70 back in bids. Gotta love that. That’s a way to take the family and a couple of friends out to dinner.
Need a short vacation. Get a gift card.  You have gas expenses and hotel rooms to pay for.  Some gas cards will be a little more challenging to win in the auction because everyone wants them.  But if you can win a few and BIN (Buy it Now) a few you can still save a lot. Bidding on hotel cards is the same. I have won a few and had to BIN a few but still managed to save at least 50%. So wouldn’t you want to go on a 1/2 price vacation?  I have managed to save and even paid for a friends hotel room a couple of times.
Do you need an item that DealDash doesn’t offer? Bid to win a gift card. There’s a round about way to do it. I needed a few items for home improvement like paint and molding. Bid on a Lowe’s or Home Depot card. Then go to the store. I even picked up filters for the ac and a few plants.  Do the same with the Amazon cards.  Then you can get anything you want.
Bidding for gift cards on is a great way to go!
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