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Replacing Old with New on DealDash.com

Corningware White Blue Flowers I don’t have to cook very often but I do love it. When there is only two of you it seems easier to go out most of the time.  Decided to cook a nice meal the other day and was taken off guard. Looked at my pots & pans and realized that some of my kitchen basics were 20 years old! Yes I said 20. Does anyone still have the vintage corningware that is white with little blue flowers? Or a set of Ginsu knives? How embarrassing. I take very good care of my things but that is ridiculous.

I thought to myself, it’s time to go shopping on DealDash.com and started bidding on kitchen items. In no time I had replaced most of my stoneware, knives, utensils, and saucepans. I even won a non stick skillet and an electric triple slowcooker just for fun! All of the items are very good quality including brand items from Paula Deen & Rachael Ray. So the shopping might have gotten a little out of hand. But how could anyone stop when you get a non stick skillet for 5 bids or a slow cooker for only 10 bids!

That’s what you call a kitchen remodel for sure! I replaced most of all my old stuff with new items from DealDash. I probably would not have spent the money to replace all of it if I had to buy retail. That’s the best part about Deal Dash. It is possible to get the things you want at a huge savings. There must be others out there like me who mostly shop for others rather than themselves. Deal Dash makes it possible for it to be your turn now.

So now I’m thinking what I can remodel next. On to the next department, maybe the deck or yard maintenance…

Have fun bidding!

By DealDash Bidder Newfden

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2 thoughts on “Replacing Old with New on DealDash.com

  1. strunkann

    you know you sound just like me. i’v cook for 30 plus years i use my old pods &pans i beleve i may try to win me some new ones. thank you .

  2. joanb1947

    Good article! And, yes, sometimes it’s nice to have the “me” item delivered to your door. Happy bidding!

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