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Review of my DealDash Experience

I kept seeing the items people were winning from Facebook posts by DealDash. My curiosity got the best of me.

So I decided to check it out. Well after watching some auctions I decided to try it. I didn’t win anything the first few times I tried bidding on auctions. And I don’t win every auction I try for, however I have won some really nice items and a number of restaurant and retail gift cards to list a few.

I gave a number of retail store gift cards to my kids. Barns and Noble Books gift card are one of their favorites that I have won for them. I have used the restaurant gift cards to treat my kids and grandkids to an evening out and a gift to myself of not having to cook dinner. Also we had some quality time together and a very reasonable priced evening out. Thanks to DealDash.

My big mistakes were not watching the tutorials sooner or reading the help blogs. Also by letting my stubbornness get the best of me. More than once I have bid way more for an auction than was reasonable to spend. I have gotten so carried away that I spent more than a thousand bids on an 800 bid pack and still did not win the 800 bids.

At the time my lack of knowledge had cost me to lose more auctions than I won. My DealDash bidding tip is to take time to read the blogs, watch the teaching videos, and just spend time watching the auctions without bidding. It is so amazing how an item might sell for 20 cents or $100.00 plus.

I just love DealDash! I’ve been a DealDash bidder for about a year now.

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4 thoughts on “Review of my DealDash Experience

  1. joanb1947

    Good article and advice. We all thought it would be a little easier than it is, but it sure can be fun and very challenging. Reading the advice from long time bidders really helps too.

  2. Kim Andersen (@kimboac41)

    I did exactly what you did!!! I sat back and just observed and I won a $50 gift certificate and 60 bids. The key to winning on DealDash is the BidBuddy and it took be months to figure that out. I wasted so many bids and money, although Thank You DealDash for you feature where you can buy the product you were bidding on and get your bids back because I used that A LOT! That is a great feature and one great thing I love about DealDash. Patience is the key word folks!!! A lot of it too! Happy Bidding and Winning!

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