Donate and bless others

Donate and Give Blessings

Now that the Christmas shopping season has come and gone, what do we need DealDash for? My advice is to get deals all year round, don’t be that last minute shopper, and donate to bless others.

Last year I was actually done with all of the stress of Christmas shopping by July. I don’t know of many folks that could say they were done with all of there Christmas shopping by July, but I was. This made this past Christmas so much fun because I had so many extra winnings I could not give them all to my kids. I went hunting looking for families who were in need of help this Christmas and was fortunate enough to donate my DealDash winnings and bless many kids.
I knew my kids were taken care of so I put all of my focus of other kids. The gifts were so meaningful because, if it was not for DealDash, these kids would not have had a Christmas. I don’t know about you but the chance to bless someone else is the best gift I can ever receive.
To do this it takes planning and I want you on board too! I believe every child needs, at the very least, one gift to open on Christmas day. Here is what I did this past year and what I am going to do next year. Something I hope you’ll also join.
Once I new there was nothing more I could get for my kids, I just started bidding on everything toys!! You would be surprised when you are not bidding for anyone you know, how much you can win. I have won so many toys because I had opened my eyes to all auctions (not just things for my own kids). The trick is to bid on everything, for all age groups! Ok, so you win a baby bath tub for 1 penny… if you don’t have use for, it donate it! I’m sure there is someone who could really use it next year for Christmas. If you have all girls to buy for, don’t be scared to bid on that car set. Maybe it will only cost you a penny and if you don’t need it, donate it next Christmas.
It’s amazing when you’re bidding for things to donate you will win more than you can think of. This past year I won a set of pots and pan valued for $200 for only 2 bucks!!! I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I was sure there was a reason for my win, and there was.
A family of four lost everything to a house fire. As they were rebuilding I felt they needed pans to cook with, and they did! How cool would it be to just go up to a total stranger and say “here is a brand new set of pots and pans!!!” or “here are some toys for your kids this year”. Whatever it may be, you can do it too! And I’m sure it will make all the things you need to win come more easy when you are winning for others too.
Have a blessed and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. William Reed

    What a beautiful person you are, I think a lot like you but don’t always have the time to pursue my wishes! I hope you many blessings in this life and happiness always….

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