Lipper Bamboo Cutting Board

Like Cooking and Bamboo? You’ll Love This Brand

Have you ever found a product that was so good that you would never think about buying any other brand?

I certainly have with the items available on Deal Dash. When you first decide to play on online auction sites you would come to believe that the products on there would be stuff you buy retail at places like the Dollar Store. Not on Deal Dash. They carry some of the top brands on everything from kitchen appliances to hardware.

One of the best products that I have won has been from the Lipper branded items. I had never used this brand before and after winning a Lipper Bamboo cutting board I was very pleased.  I love to cooking soups & stews and my cutting board needs to handle the constant chopping of numerous vegetables. This Lipper bamboo cutting board has held up quite nicely and probably better than my Mario Battalli cutting board. Hate to say that one.

Lipper Bamboo Cutting Board

I liked the Lipper brand so much that I bid on their Bamboo tray with folding legs. Let’s give that a try. I couldn’t wait until I received it and when I did I again was very pleased.  So much that I decided to get 2 for home and 2 more for the camper! Yes, so now I have 4 of them. You can use these trays with out the legs to serve or put the legs down, put it across your lap go do what you aren’t supposed to do… go eat in front of the TV!

Lipper Bamboo Tray

So how did I accomplish getting 4 of the same item? That’s the best part. DealDash puts up the same item numerous times. It’s not one right after the other, it probably took me a few months. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I was patient.

One of the best things you can do is when you see something you want, you can search for it. Go to the auctions page, then to browse categories. Then you can go to the kitchen section, as in this case, and scroll through that to find it. If you find your item and it is not coming up for awhile you can have DealDash notify you when the item does come up. Isn’t that crafty.

Another way is to go to the auctions page and type in the item you want under search auctions. Either way you do it, with the helpful pages on the Deal Dash site, you should be able to find the items you are looking for or even find things that you didn’t know you needed in the first place. Happy Bidding!


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  1. joanb1947

    Loved the comment about not knowing you needed something! Happens a lot to me, that’s for sure!

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