This year is my third year of bidding on online auctions. I began like many others with a few sites I really liked, a few that were not very good, and others that were outright bad news.

Being fairly new to online auctions I was not sure what I needed to look for or what my expectations were. Winning was the goal, of course, but being a winner beyond the “Beginner” stage where winning was pretty much a given took a lot of perseverance and money to become a winner with any consistency.

I began the process of elimination where most sites were eliminated because shipping was horrific and sometimes scary whether or not you would actually receive your wins. Once I narrowed down my choices to two or three sites, it became clearer every week why DealDash is really the best and most fair out of all the online auctions available today.

The free bids offered to bidders are unique to DealDash. While other sites offer special promotions for free bids of one type or another, DealDash offers free bids to anyone who is bidding and spends time at the top of an auction. The “free bid” meter at the bottom of the bidders screen shows the amount of winner time necessary to earn free bids.

Collect free bids when bar fills up

At first those bids 10,20,30, 40 came very quickly and it was nice to get them just for bidding on auctions you would bid on without an incentive.  If you read some of the other blogs written, some winners actually have earned their free bids during an auction that was quite costly, meaning they bid 500 or more bids on the auction and got to claim their free bids during or right after the auction win. If you have gotten to a higher level you can earn more than 500 bids for free!

Look around at other sites, there are no other offers out there that are not gimmicks of some sort. By offering the free bid meter to all bidders without any exclusions everyone who bids on DealDash is earning their fair share of free bids. Fair and honest are two words that describe DealDash and they have earned the right to say so, they truly are.

Online Auctions vs DealDash


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