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Ways to Save with Tide Pods

When you shop on DealDash nearly every day like I do, you will see many of the same items come up several times during the day and night. Tide Pods are one of those useful items.

Since my friend started using the Tide Pods she claims to be saving a lot of money since she is no longer doing a “free pour” from the Tide liquid jugs.  The Tide Pods are single use detergent and whitener all in one. They are convenient to use, and end up saving you money while using a quality product like Tide.  Who doesn’t like clean clothes that smell great too???

I bid on the Tide Pods and was not able to win the auction, however I wanted to try them so I used the buy it now feature DealDash offers and got all of my bids back for free, the pods shipped for free, and they arrived very quickly. These are some of the reasons why it’s so much fun to shop on DealDash. You really cannot lose.

So having used the Tide pods myself I now see how convenient they are and my friend was right, they do save you money. I never worry about my clothes coming clean and they smell great too.

I decided to try to win another Tide Pod auction so I could surprise my friend with her own Tide Pods from DealDash. Using my bid buddy to set the amount of bids I was willing to spend, I realized more auctions were coming up with the same item. I stayed with the original auction and won! This was a free auction week so not only did I win the Tide Pods but I only paid 1 cent for the win! Now that is savings! Yes, I can count the cost of the bids into the final price (83), but this time these were FREE bids too.

We are all on budgets and the free bids, free auctions and free shipping makes shopping on DealDash a wonderful way to save.  I can’t wait to give my friend her surprise DealDash gift!

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