DealDash Helps: Keep Your Pet’s Food Bowls Clean

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No matter what type of pet you have it’s important to keep their food and water bowls clean. Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash to help you.

You like to eat from clean dishes and bowls, correct? Well, so does your pet! By regularly cleaning your pet’s dishes, you can prevent bacterial growth that could make him or her sick. In addition, you can make his or her eating and drinking experiences much more enjoyable! And that’s what we all want for our pets, right?

Hand-Washing the Old Fashioned Way

Not everyone has a dishwasher, and some people even prefer to wash the dishes by hand. If you choose to wash your pet’s dishes by hand, then be sure to choose a mild dishwashing liquid. If you are not sure which detergents are mild, check the product labels for indications that the product would be soft on your hands. If you want to be extra sure that the dishwashing detergent is safe for your favorite pet, then you can even make your own! It only takes a moment. Just combine equal parts of baking soda, warm water, and table salt.

After washing your pet’s dish, it’s smart to disinfect it as well. If you haven’t scrubbed the dishes quite well enough by just hand-washing, then you should definitely disinfect them. Don’t worry, it’s easy. To disinfect the dish after scrubbing it, mix one gallon of water with one tablespoon of bleach. Add this mixture to the dish and let it sit for about two minutes before rinsing it out. Be sure to rinse it very well.

Better Yet, Wash Them in the Dishwasher

No matter how hot the water is that you use when hand-washing the dishes, it probably isn’t as hot as a dishwasher gets. A dishwasher gets all the way up to 140 degrees F to remove and kill bacteria. To prevent cross-contamination with the human family’s dishes, it is preferable to wash your pet’s dishes by themselves in the dishwasher. Be sure to have two sets of pet dishes for when one of them is in the dishwasher.

Of course, doing a whole dishwasher cycle for just a few dishes is rather wasteful. If it doesn’t bother you to put your own dishes in with your pet’s, it is fine if you have a ‘sanitize’ setting on your dishwasher. This setting effectively kills and removes all bacteria, thus preventing cross-contamination issue that we previously discussed. Be sure to wash your pet’s dishes a few times a week. Your pet will thank you for it!

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