Happy Mother’s Day from DealDash!!

dealdash mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and grandmas out there! If you’re going out for fun today, here are some ideas from DealDash.

Today is your day, moms and grandmas! Are you spending time with your kids or grandkids? Or do you prefer to take the day for some “me time?” It’s your day, you do whatever you want to do today, and let someone else worry about the rest. Here are some ideas from DealDash to enjoy your day.

Sleep In, Mom

Today of all days is when you can take all of the time that you want and enjoy sleeping in. Personally, with three kids, I never get to sleep in except on Mother’s Day and my birthday. Soak up those wonderful Z’s, refresh your body and your mind.

Make Sure Someone Else Does the Chores

Don’t let your family let the dishes pile up and the carpets go unvacuumed for the day. If you’re normally the person who does the bulk of the chores, be sure to take the day off and assign those chores to someone else. If you don’t, they will just go undone and you’ll have to do them the next day. That’s not really giving you a break, that’s just putting them off. Ask your family nicely, and I’m sure that they will be happy to take over on this special day, mom.

Head Out for Brunch

Muummm, doesn’t brunch sound good? The only decision that you have to make now is do you want to go to brunch with your family or with some girlfriends? It’s your choice, though I’m sure that your kids would love to come with you. Mother’s Day brunches are always extra special and delicious. Be sure that you call ahead and put your name on the waiting list, you don’t want to wait around too long on your special day.

Take In a Movie

If you decided to go to brunch with your family, why don’t you send them home and call up a few girlfriends? It’s time for a movie matinee, and I’m sure that you’re not in the mood to see the latest cartoon movie. Pick whatever you like, mom, there are some great movies out, and I bet you had the foresight to pick up an AMC gift card from DealDash. That’s right, use your gift card for the movie as well as the snacks! Don’t worry about the calories today, it’s your own personal holiday.

Thanks for Reading

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