DealDash Helps: Has Your Dog Spread His Fleas?


Summertime is coming, and that means that the fleas will be out in full force. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping the fleas under control, from DealDash.

Fleas can be quite difficult to get rid of, and sometimes it seems like the arachnid invasion never end. DealDash is here to show you a few ways to keep the fleas under control. It will also give you a few tips on how to prevent the fleas from coming back. These methods are aimed at people who would like to do things more naturally.

This Isn’t Natural, But…

The first thing that you need to do before you tackle the fleas inside your house is to work on the fleas on your dog (or cat.) I personally suggest that you use the strong stuff that’s available from a veterinarian. A simple flea collar isn’t really going to do the trick. It will just make the fleas run from the head to the tail.

Vacuum Your Carpets Very Well

When vacuuming your carpets, start with where your pet enjoys spending his time. Then, vacuum the entire house, room by room, until you have gotten all of the carpets. Pay special attention to the corners of the room and baseboards. Fleas like to hide in dark, so move the furniture, vacuum underneath in all of the nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to throw away the bag or empty the canister when you’re done. Throw it in the garbage outside, not in the trash in the kitchen.

Wash All of the Bedding

Next, wash your pet’s bed as well as all of the bedding in the house. Even though you might not allow Fido up on the furniture, he might jump up there occasionally when you aren’t looking. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fleas. Wash all of the items in hot water with an extra rinse cycle. Also, use the hottest dryer setting available. Be sure to do this every few days until the fleas are completely gone.

Spray With Vinegar

First, make a vinegar spray. Pour one part vinegar and one part water into a spray bottle. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar – your choice. Spray your carpet with the vinegar mixture. Be sure to focus on areas that your pet likes to spend time in, as well as around baseboards, near entryways, and under furniture. This spray is also safe to use on any surfaces, hard or soft, including your couch, bed, and carpets. The vinegar stinks when it’s wet, but once it has dried the smell goes away completely.

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