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Making a cat condo is one of the nicest things that you can do for your furry friend. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to make a cat condo from DealDash.

Do you already have lots of cat toys or even a cat tree and think you don’t need a cat condo? Think again, because cat condos similar to cat trees but they are not the same. A cat tree is more of a playground for cats, and a cat condo can be a playground as well as have many cubbies for the cat to hide or sleep in. Having a cat condo is nice if your house has small children or dogs because they will give your cat a safe place to hide, relax, and sleep without worrying. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Use Human Furniture

The quickest and easiest way to make a cat condo for your beloved pet is to make it out of discarded human furniture! Simply go to a yard sale or a thrift shop and find a small rectangular coffee table and a small square side table. Both of these need to be of similar width, but it’s okay if the side table is a bit smaller.

Paint the Tables

If you’d like to leave the tables wooden or whatever color they already are, that’s fine, you can skip down to the next step. However, your cat condo will be much more festive and fun if you paint the tables fun colors. You can take them outside and spray paint them if you like. If you prefer to paint indoors, then get acrylic paint and paint brush. Make sure that wherever you are painting you lay down some newspaper or a drop cloth so you don’t stain your surfaces.

Attach the Small Table

Put the small square table at one of the ends of the larger rectangular table. The other half of the larger rectangular table should be empty to create a shelf for the cat to sit upon.

You can attach the small table in a few different ways. The easiest way is to glue it with wood glue. You can also flip everything upside down and hammer nails into the underside of the larger table and into the legs of the smaller table. You can also use L-shaped brackets and screw them in from the sides to attach the legs. It’s your choice, but personally, I would go with the wood glue.

Add Sisal Rope for Scratching

The next step is to add sisal rope to some (or all) of the table legs for scratching. Cats love to scratch on sisal rope. By adding the sisal rope to this cat condo you will possibly be saving the life of your rugs and furniture.

Firstly, scuff the entire leg of the table with large-grained sandpaper, then apply wood glue to the first few inches of the leg. Begin wrapping the sisal rope around the leg until you have run out of the glue that you applied. Apply a few more inches of glue to the leg, and wrap more sisal rope. Continue gluing and wrapping the sisal rope until you have completely covered the entire table leg. Repeat this step for as many other legs of the tables as you like.

Add Carpet for Scratching and Comfort

If you can obtain some carpet to put on the cat condo, your cat will love you for it. If you don’t have access to any carpet samples, consider getting an extremely cheap welcome mat to use for this purpose. You can typically find one at the discount store for around $5-10.

Get the measurements of the top of the small square table and cut the carpet to fit. Scuff up the top of the small table with rough sandpaper to prepare it for the carpet. Next, apply wood glue to the entire surface. Also, apply wood glue to the back of the carpet. Finally, press the carpet down onto the table top. You can repeat this process for the larger rectangular table top as well, or leave it bare. It’s your choice. Your cat condo is done! I hope kitty likes it!

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