DealDash Kids: Tips for an Easter Celebration


With Easter just a couple short weeks away, now is the time to plan your celebration. Here are some tips to help, from DealDash.

Planning a fun Easter celebration is essential, especially if you have young children. You need to plan a great day for everyone to be able to enjoy this holiday. Here are some ideas for planning a memorable Easter celebration, from DealDash.

The Egg Hunt

The first thing you definitely need to do is to plan an Easter egg hunt. Nothing says “Easter Party” more than an egg hunt. It would be very smart to assign each child participating their own egg color so that everyone will be able to find the same amount of eggs. You also might have to get creative with your Easter egg hunt should the weather not be good.

You can do the eggs one of two ways. You can do the traditional way of dying real eggs. Or, alternately, you can choose to buy plastic eggs and put tiny surprises in them instead. It’s up to you.

Fun with Activities

Another thing that you should do is plan some simple Easter crafts for the kids to do. You will want to plan accordingly for the different ages of kids participating so that everyone will be able to participate. This would be a great way for to kids to make something to remember the celebration. For the youngest kids, age 2-4, just coloring an Easter picture might be enough to keep them occupied. For older kids, though, there are many fun things they could do, such as decorate their own Easter basket.

If the weather is nice the day of your celebration you should take things outside. Have some outdoor games planned for the kids if the weather permits you to enjoy the nice weather. It would be a great way to enjoy the day.

Don’t Forget the Food

You will also want to plan for some fun food for everyone to enjoy. You will likely want to stick with something simple as you will have younger kids enjoying the food you have prepared. Finger food and foods that are simple to eat are great ideas so that everyone will find something that they will enjoy eating. Things such as a fruit plate, veggie sticks with dip, or even pizza would be great for your celebration.

Thanks for Reading

Planning an Easter celebration is a lot simpler than you would think. You just need to be sure you are planning age-appropriate activities for the kids participating to do, along with some delicious foods! You will be all set to enjoy this special holiday.

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