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If your lawn is looking a little rough from a winter of neglect, then it’s time to plant some new grass seeds. Don’t worry, DealDash is here to help. Read on for more information.

You probably think that starting a new lawn can be a difficult task. You may have gotten advice from your family members that it is hard work and that you should hire a professional.  That is not the case. You can start a new lawn and plant grass seeds no matter what your friends and family may say. There are some important steps to take when planting grass seeds. Here are some steps to take to plant grass seeds, from DealDash.

The Right Time

In order to plant grass seeds, you have to make sure that it is the right time.  If you decide to plant cool season grass, then it is best to plant those seeds during the springtime. Warm season grass such as Bermuda grass should be planted early summer.  Regardless of what type of grass seeds you plant you have to make sure it is the right time.

Choose the Right Grass Seed

Choosing the right grass seed based on your budget and location is important. You want to take into consideration the growing conditions in your location. Will your grass be getting a lot of sunlight or partial sunlight? You have to think about these things when choosing the correct grass.

Plant Your Seeds

Next, you want to prepare to plant your seed by choosing the right soil. Once you put the grass seeds in the soil, you need to even out the soil with a rake.  It is important to feed your grass seeds the same day that you plant them. When you are finished with feeding them and watering them, you then cover a think layer of soil over the grass seeds.

Thanks for Reading

Planting grass seeds is very easy. Remember to continue to water your grass seeds and maintain your lawn. These tips will help you successfully plant grass seeds, and you will have a new lawn in no time. Once you’ve grown your new lawn, you’ll need to mow it. If you need a new mower, no problem! Check out the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash. You can find it at this link right here.

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