DealDash Kids: Don’t Hire a Bad Babysitter!


There are both good and babysitters out there. Read this article from DealDash to tell how to separate the good from the not-so-good.

Babysitters are an important part of a family’s life. But what happens if you think you have hired a bad babysitter? Here are some signs that maybe it’s time to find someone else to watch your kids. Now, these are mildly bad traits. If you have a babysitter that you like but they have one or two of these bad traits, you might want to consider talking to them first to see if you can find a solution together. Read on for more information from DealDash.

They Aren’t Punctual

If your babysitter is frequently not on time you may have hired a bad babysitter. You need to hire someone that is going to be punctual so you can get to doing your plans on time. If they are always late there really is no point in having them as a babysitter is there?

This trait can be very annoying, but it’s also easy to resolve if you and the babysitter can find a solution. One such solution might be to send them a reminder text an hour before they are scheduled, or a quick phone call a half hour before. You might think that you shouldn’t have to do this as their employer, but if your children love this particular babysitter you might want to try this compromise.

If Your Child Really Doesn’t Like Them

If your child is unhappy about the babysitter coming you may need to look for a new babysitter. Of course, your child might just be sad that you’re leaving. However, it’s possible that the babysitter may not be very nice. Talk to your child and see why they do not like when the babysitter is coming so you know if you need to take action and get rid of them or maybe just a little extra transition time might be needed when you leave for the evening.

If You Don’t Get a Full Report…

If your babysitter doesn’t want to tell you what they and your child have been up to while you have been gone that is not a good sign. This could be a sign that your babysitter is ignoring your child, possibly spending too much time on their phone while they should be watching and playing with your little ones. You want your babysitter to be open about what activities that your child has done with them so you can feel safe leaving them in their care.

Are They Following the Rules?

If your babysitter does not follow the rules set forth for them you need to get rid of them. They need to respect your rules so that you again feel safe leaving them alone with your child. If you haven’t set up any rules for your babysitter yet, then you should. Some rules could include:

  • No guests over
  • What is off-limits or okay to eat in the fridge
  • The time they should put the child to bed
  • What they are responsible for other than child care such as dishes or picking up the toy room

Thanks for Reading

These are just a few of the points that you should consider when trying to figure out if you have hired a bad babysitter. If you feel that you have indeed hired a bad babysitter you need to get rid of them and look for a new babysitter right away. If you are unsure, then just have a talk with them and see if they have any suggestions on how to improve the relationship.

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