DealDash Kids: How Kids Can Make Money at Home


If your kids need more money than you’re willing to give them for allowance, then it’s time for them to get to work! Here are some ideas from DealDash to get them started.

These days kids don’t want to have a paper route or put up a lemonade stand in order to earn some money. A lot of kids want to be able to earn money from home just like their parents. However, the question is, do we as parents want them working on a computer? Here are some simple ways that kids can earn money from home, from DealDash.

Sell Crafts Online

Do your kids love doing crafts? Do they knit cool scarves or make funky clay pots or even draw cool pictures? They could, then, with your supervision, open an Etsy shop. This would be an excellent way for them to do something that they love while learning about running a business online. All they would need to do is create their art, take pictures of it, list it for sale, and package and send it carefully when an order comes in. There is definitely a learning curve here but it’s a great learning opportunity for kids. 

If you have your own Etsy shop you might want to consider letting them sell a few things in your shop before they open their own. This is especially good advice if your children are younger and need more help.

Can They Type?

If you know anyone that might need typing work done and your child is a great typist they can offer to do the typing and formatting of documents for them. The can set a price per 100 or per 1,000 words. If your child is a fast and accurate typist they can make some decent money. There are many “micro job” sites online that let people advertise their skills and have others purchase the jobs. Typing and writing are just a few of the jobs that your kids could do in this area.

Do You Do Direct Sales?

A good deal of direct sales companies are allowing teenagers the chance to sign up with their company to sell their products. This is with parental supervision of course, and it’s even better if the parent is a member of the sales force as well. With the support offered it would give kids who are interested the chance to have their own business working from home. They could sell through parties, person to person and online with a parents help.

Thanks for Reading

If your child is serious about making money from home, you should help them find something that they are really excited about. That excitement should keep them going even if at first making money is slow. And it is also a great way to teach them how to handle money once they start to make some. Consider helping them open up a bank account. They can get an online-only account that doesn’t charge any fees. This will let them keep more of their hard-earned money.

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