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Having a first aid kit on hand for your family is very important. Here is a quick primer on how to make one up for your home, car, or to keep on hand. Read on for more information from DealDash.

It’s a little scary to think about, but mishaps and medical emergency situations in the home take place regularly. It happens even more frequently than you might realize. Statistics have shown that injuries occur about every 4 seconds in the American home. These accidents vary and can occur from many different sources from cuts to burns and more. Each and every home needs to have at least one first Aid Kit that is well stocked and easily on hand. You might also want to consider making another first aid kit for your car, and a mini one for your purse or backpack. DealDash has you covered.

Where Should You Keep the Supplies

Firstly, you need a vessel to keep the items in. You can buy a box or bag that says “First Aid” or you can use something that you already have. Make sure you save your First Aid Kit in a carry bag or plastic container that will keep your kit tidy and dry and easily accessible in your house. Just be sure to mark it very carefully with the words “FIRST AID” so everyone knows what’s inside.

You will also need to designate a place to keep your kit. The kit is typically kept in the bathroom, but you could also keep it in the kitchen or anywhere else that is close at hand.

What is it Used For?

First aid kits for the home are used most typically for small injuries such as cuts, sunburns, small cooking burns, or bug or animal bites. Having a well-stocked first aid kit can mean the difference between having to take a trip to the doctor or clinic right away or be able to take care of things at home.

What Should Go Inside?

However, the First Aid Kit will not be any use to you if you don’t know how to utilize it properly. Make certain you have a guidebook or pamphlet in your first aid kit from a reliable source such as your doctor’s office. It must have the latest medical guidance and be simple to read, particularly under tension. Here is a short list of things that should be inside your kit:

  • Pointed tweezers for removing splinters
  • Disposable latex or non-latex gloves
  • Small rounded-tipped scissors for cutting medical tape
  • Band-Aids
  • Breathing Barrier for carrying out CPR
  • Thermometer-either digital or mercury – if you choose digital you should keep an extra battery in the kit as well.
  • Ice Bag
  • Eye Patches
  • Oral (without needle) syringe for liquid medications
  • Medicines  – Including Non-prescription medicines such as antihistamine cough suppressant, aspirin, ibuprofen, syrup of ipecac in case somebody consumes toxin. This need to only be utilized after calling the Poison Control Center first. Also, you should include any prescription medications that any family members take as well as a paper copy of the prescriptions.
  • A range of all sizes of gauze to dress a variety of injuries. This includes wrapped sterile gauze pads 2″ X 2″ non-stick gauze bandages, sterile gauze pads 4″ X 4″ , and One roll 2″ gauze
  • Medical tape
  • Bactericides such as Hydrogen Peroxide, witch hazel, or alcohol to kill germs.
  • Anti-bacterial cream or ointment. This is good for cuts, scrapes and insect bites.

Keep It Current

Your First Aid Kit should be inspected once each year, possibly the very same day you inspect your smoke alarm. You will want to be sure it is fully stocked. Make certain you always make a note of anything you utilize out of your Kit so it can easily be replaced. This is a great time to check the expiration dates on all medications and be sure that any paper prescriptions are still current.

Thanks for Reading

You will feel much better once you have your first aid kit all made up and installed in its new home. You should also consider making up one for your car, boat, or anywhere else that you spend a lot of time.

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