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DealDash has some amazing art. If you’ve recently won some, or have picture frames to hang up, you’ll want to read this article.

Nothing puts a beautiful touch on a home or office like framed art. Whether you’re creating an in-home gallery, hanging a new painting won from DealDash or getting your family portraits on display, framed art can make your home look like a decorating magazine. Read on for the best way to hang those works of art.

Step 1 – Installing the Wall Hardware

The first thing that you will need to do is install hardware on the frame itself, and also the wall.  For the wall, you will either use a nail, which you will hammer right into the drywall or into a stud, a drywall anchor, or a picture hook.

Of course, there are other methods, but these are the most popular approaches to accomplish your goal. The method you eventually choose for both parts will ultimately depend upon numerous variables. These variables include the size and weight of the photo, the material of the frame, and the surface you want to hang the image on. It makes a big difference if you are able to use a stud in the wall instead of having to use a drywall anchor.

Step 2 – Installing the Frame Hardware

There are a few different methods when you are using a wooden frame. These include:

1. Screw eyes and image wire
2. D-rings with picture hooks and/or picture wire
3. Sawtooth hangers

Screw Eye and Photo Wire

One of the oldest approaches of photo hanging is the screw eye and photo wire. Screw eyes are installed on the rear end rails of the frame, between one-quarter and one-third down from the top. Make certain you determine each side so the screw eyes are even. Turn the screw eyes into gradually and evenly until the eyes rest against the frame. Next, string the photo wire through the eyes, leaving sufficient slack in the wire for hanging.

The wire can then be hung on a nail  in the drywall with an anchor, on a wooden stud, or a picture hook. Picture hooks are offered by weight class. When in doubt, you should choose the hook ranked for heaviest paintings.The screw eye technique is reasonably basic, requires few tools, and hangs the image securely.


For heavy duty pictures, D-rings are typically utilized. These are either with anchored screws or hooks. The installation differs depending on which hanging technique you choose. Again, it all depends on if you are putting your picture into drywall with an anchor or directly into the wooden wall stud.

To use D-rings without photo wire, install them at the back top corners of the frame, making sure they are completely even.. Hang the D-rings directly onto heavy picture hooks or screws anchored into the drywall.

Keep in mind that any installation using picture wire needs your best guess where the picture will really hang. This is because the wire is concealed behind the frame when you are attempting to hang it. This can be quite aggravating if you are doing the task solo. Keep in mind to use a drywall anchor with this installation as the weight of the photo might rip it out of the wall.

Sawtooth Wall Mounts

These familiar jagged-toothed hangers are available in 3 types: nailed-on, screwed on and nail-less. Sawtooth wall mounts are installed in the center of the top back rail of the picture frame. You can do this by nailing, screwing or hammering. The wall mount needs to be low enough so it will not show above the top of the frame, and the teeth must face downward.

Then simply hang the photo on a nail hammered into the wall, with about 1/4 inch of the nail extending. This is the easiest and simple way to hang your picture on the wall if it’s not very heavy.

Thanks for Reading

Hanging up your art and picture frames can seem like a lot of work. However, if you follow these tips you’ll see that it won’t be very difficult or take a lot of time.

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