DealDash Kids: It’s Still Hot, Keep Your Kids Busy


It might be almost time (or already time!) for your kids to be back at school. It’s still quite hot in many areas. Here are some ideas to keep the kids busy while it’s still hot out, from DealDash.

It isn’t really always all that easy to keep the kids busy all summer season long, and the entertainment doesn’t even stop when they return to school. There are still many hours per day after school and on weekends where you will often hear a chorus of “I’m BORED!”. This is especially true on very hot days, the days when the kids enter the house 5 minutes after you send them out, grumbling “it’s too hot outside!” What can you do to keep them busy, other than letting them watch YouTube videos or play computer games? Plenty! Read on for more information from DealDash.

Make Popsicles

To start with, have some inexpensive, cool treats on hand. Homemade popsicles do not cost much and serve a dual purpose. The kids can help you make them which will take up a little time, and then they can enjoy eating them later on.

However, they do tend to be messy. Simply send the kids outside to restrict the mess. This idea might only keep the kids out for a brief time, but as any parent knows, 15 minutes of silence can be a breath of fresh air.

Send Them Out in Late Afternoon

Let the kids outside to play in the later afternoon, when it’s cooler outside. This works well if your kids are already back to school. They can come home, have a snack, do their homework, and then go outside to play before dinner.

Board Games, Not Video Games

Aim to keep tv watching/video game playing under 2 hours a day total. If your kids like to play games then board games work very well. Of course, this depends on the ages of your kids. My daughter is 6 years old, and just starting to enjoy easier board games like “Trouble” and “Kid’s Monopoly”. There’s nothing wrong with video games in moderation, of course. Every kid should get to play something they enjoy, hopefully, they will choose outdoor play sometimes.

Provide Fun Toys Outside from DealDash

Kids will definitely want to go outside and play if there are fun toys out there. Be sure to check DealDash for some great outdoor items. DealDash has bikes and basketball hoops and other fun sports equipment they can use outdoors.

Thanks for Reading

There are so many great reasons as to why you should encourage your kids to play outside daily, even if it’s hot. They can really benefit from the outdoor play. Use these ideas to tempt them into outdoor play each day.

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