DealDash Kids: Toddler and Preschooler Crafts


Little kids ages 2-5 like doing crafts just like their parents and bigger siblings. Here are some of the easiest crafts for little kids, from DealDash.

Doing crafts with small kids is a fun and straightforward way for them to be able to express their creativity. While they might not have an exact picture in mind of what they want to create, they have an awful lot of fun with the creative process. Here are some crafts you won’t want to miss that you can do with little kids.

Fun With Yarn Painting

Yarn painting is a super simple and easy craft that you can do with any small children. All you need to do is cut a ball of yarn into reasonably long pieces and get some washable paint, and you are all set. You can paint on anything you would like from poster board to cardboard. The kids will have a great time making all sorts of colorful lines with the yarn. You might want to consider doing this craft outside or in a basement or garage. It can be quite messy.

Salt Dough Sculpting

Sculpting with salt dough is another easy craft you can do with small kids. There are countless recipes for salt dough that you can use. Also, you can even get more creative with the dough and add some food coloring for a little color. The sculptures can be air dried when you are done, and they make great gifts to give to loved ones.

This is an excellent craft to do when we are getting closer to Christmas, as they make excellent tree ornaments. Try using cookie cutters to make shapes in the dough.

Painting with Stickers

Setting little kids loose with stickers and markers can be a simple way for them to have a great time creating something fun. You can tailor the stickers that you get to each child so that they can personalize their artwork. You can give them anything from notebook paper to poster board to work on in order to create their art. If you like, you can draw an outline of a simple picture in markers that they can fill in with stickers, such as a tree or flower. 

Thanks for Reading

Crafting with young kids does not have to be complicated. You can get some very simple items and have a great time creating something that everyone will enjoy. It is also a great confidence builder to let kids especially small ones be able to get creative. Don’t forget to take pictures of the special creations after your kids have finished making them. They will love to see them when they are older.

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