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DealDash Kids: Choosing a Baby Name


There are many things to consider when choosing your new baby’s name. Here are some ideas and tips from DealDash to get your started.

Many parents face a difficult choice when it comes to selecting a name for their baby. You need to take your time and don’t make any quick choices when you are choosing a name for your baby. Here are some tips to consider when selecting a baby name, from DealDash.

Think About Your Last Name

You need to consider your last name when choosing a name for your baby. It is important that the name that you choose sounds good with your last name. Think back to when you were in school, were you teased about your name? Try to avoid that for your new precious baby.

Considering the shortened version of the name that you select for your child. Will it sound good with their last name?


This brings us to your child’s initials. Additionally, you want to think about your child’s initials when you are selecting your child’s name. You don’t want it to end up sounding like something unfortunate as that can lead to unwanted attention from kids when your child starts school.

Do Both Parents Agree?

You also need to consider that both your and your spouse need to like the name that you give your child. You should both agree on the name as nothing would be worse than trying to force a name that you like on your spouse. Each parent should be able to veto the other parent’s suggestions.

Common or Unique

Next, you need to consider how unique you want your baby’s name to be. While you likely want to select a unique name you also want to make sure that your child won’t stick out too much with other children so they do not get picked on for their name. If you love a particularly unique name, consider using that for a middle name. This way, if your child prefers to stand out they can use their middle name.

They Won’t Be Little Forever

Lastly, think about your child as they get older. Is their name something that will sound good as they grow up into adulthood? You need to make sure that your child is going to love their name as they get older. Thinking about these will assist you in choosing a name for your child that everyone in your family will love.

Thanks for Reading

This is really the beginning of the things you will need to consider before choosing a name for your new baby. Follow these tips, and you will be able to choose a name that you, your partner, and your baby will love as they get older.

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