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DealDash Kids: More Summer Entertainment


Schools in my area had their first day of summer vacation yesterday. Now it’s time to entertain the kids for the summer. Here are some ideas from DealDash.

It is officially summer, and school is out. It is time for your kids to kick back and relax and enjoy the warm weather. You may be worried about how to keep your kids occupied this summer. Children are known to be very active, so you have to do activities that will keep them on their toes. Here are some ways to entertain your kids during the summer, from DealDash.

Go to an Amusement Park or Park

Amusement parks are one of the best ways to entertain your kids during the summer. There are so many ones to choose from such as Six Flags, Disney World, or a park in your local area. You can bring your friends kids along for the fun.  Check your hometowns website for the location of all of the parks in your area and go exploring. Also, make sure that you search for coupons as well. These places tend to be quite expensive.

Host a Block Party

A block party is the best thing to do during the summer.  You can play old-fashioned games and have great food. You can play many different games with your kids such as water balloon fights, and three-legged races.  Old fashioned games are the perfect activity to do for your kids at a block party. DOn’t forget the music! battery powered or rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to play music at your block party. Good news! DealDash has these speakers up for auction. Just click here to check them out. 

The Library

You may think that the library is the last place that kids would want to go to during the summer. That is not true. During the summer libraries have fun activities for the kids.  It is also good to encourage your child to read during the summertime. You could also have them watch a movie of the book that they read when they are done reading it. Making the library fun will encourage your kids to read during the summer. If you check your local library’s website they will have a calendar of events that are happening in the summer. Last year there was a wild animal show at my library, it included frogs and a giant snake!

Thanks for Reading

Entertaining your kids during the summer is an easy task. All you have to do is use a little bit of creativity and your kids will have a memorable summer. I hope these tips will help you make a good decision on what your kids should do during the summer.

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