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DealDash Kids: Help Your Kids Get Creative


Creativity is a wonderful trait to possess. Help your kids get started with these hints and tips from DealDash.

Many parents wonder how they can instill creativity in their child.  They want to make life more exciting and fun for their child. It will be fun for both you and your kids. Here are some tips for encouraging creativity in your child’s life, from DealDash.

The Basics – Coloring Pictures

The first thing you can do is encourage them to color pictures.  You can get them a bunch of crayons and coloring books and let them have a fun time coloring different pictures that they like.  Don’t worry if they don’t stay in the lines as you want to focus more on them enjoying using the different colors to create a picture. You will see that the more often that they color they will get better at being neat and tidy and staying in the lines.

Clay Can Be Fun

You can also buy them some modeling clay and let them play with it. You can show them how to create different things with the clay and let their imaginations run wild.  Modeling clay is something that is very easy to work with so they can start over again as many times as they like to create different things. 

Painting – Messy But Fun

Painting is another thing that you can do with your child to help encourage their creativity.  You can start with something as simple as finger painting or teach them something more complex like watercolor painting, again it is a great way for helping their imaginations develop.

Paper Craft is Fun and Inexpensive

You could also take printer paper and teach them how to do things like building a paper airplane or something more complex like origami.  Showing them how to make something creative out of something so simple is a great way to help foster creativity in your child.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Having them get creative with food is another thing that you can do to help foster creativity in your child.  You could help them whip up a batch of interesting flavored cupcakes, try different toppings on pancakes or number of different things where they have to put the imagination to work.

Thanks for Reading

As you can see there are many things that you can do to help generate more creativity in your child.  Helping to foster creativity in your child will have them really enjoying life much more.

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Habits to Cultivate to Be More Creative

DealDash Creative

Many creative people have certain habits in common. Here are some tips and ideas from DealDash to cultivate these habits.

People tend to be either born creative – or not very creative. However, if you can attempt to cultivate some of these habits of creative people you will start thinging of yourself as a creative person. As with many other things in life, just try to “fake it til you make it!” Being born creative means nothing without persistence, hard work, and effort. Try to incorporate these habits to help turn creativity into your daily routine. Here are some ideas from DealDash.


Creative people tend to be extremely observant. Luckily, this is a fairly easy habit to incorporate into your daily life. Start small, go to a coffee shop, mall, or other place where you can sit and observe people. Sit and watch everyone. People watching can be an extremely fun and addicting hobby.

Every time you go out and practice your skill of observation try to pick out a few people and make up some imaginative stories about them in your head. Look at that! You’re being creative already. Once you have mastered the art of people watching and making up stories about them try to go home and write these stories down. Add some details here and there, and look at that! You’ve got yourself a book of short stories.


We’ve all heard of the “angsty” creative person who keeps to themselves. I’m not advocating for that, but spending a little time by yourself and thinking about things will do wonders for your creativity.

Spend some time meditating each day, sitting in stillness. Think about life, about the good things and the bad. Think about what you would like to do differently, how you can improve your creativity. The habit of becoming more introspective will fuel your creative spirit.

Easygoing Attitude

Finally, creative people tend to either have an extremely easygoing or high-strung attitude. There are few truly creative types that fall in-between. For your own health and sanity, try to cultivate an easygoing attitude. An easygoing attitude will help your creative juices flow and is an excellent habit to develop.

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DealDash Crafts: No-Carve Pumpkins

Image result for no carve pumpkins

As popular as pumpkin carving is, there are quite a few situations where carving isn’t practical. Here are some fun and creative no-carve, no-mess pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins is always fun, but there are many situations where pumpkin carving is just too messy and impractical. Pumpkin decorating can be just as creative and fun as carving, and many designs can be done much more quickly than their carved counterparts.

Brad pumpkin. No, we didn’t name the pumpkin Brad…All of those little colorful circular items that are decorating the pumpkin above are brads from scrapbooking. You are probably more familiar with the plain gold or silver brads, but for maximum pumpkin decorating, go for the colorful ones. You can get them at any craft store that has scrapbooking supplies. Make a random design, a geometric design, or even a face design with the brads. They are made out of metal, you can just stick them right into the pumpkin’s skin. Sorry, Brad!

Image result for cupcake pumpkins no carve

Cupcake pumpkin. The cupcake pumpkin is super-easy to make. If you’re lucky you might be able to find a pumpkin that is more brown than orange, but if not, don’t despair! Simply paint the bottom half of the pumpkin with brown craft paint, and the top half of the pumpkin with the frosting color of your choice – pink, white, or even chocolate-brown. After the frosting color has dried, paint on multi-colored sprinkles. Please don’t use your pumpkin for any food-related purposes after you have painted it.

Image result for cupcake pumpkins no carve

Mummy pumpkin. Wrap your pumpkin up with gauze, and then paint over it with Mod Podge. If you don’t have Mod Podge simply use a mixture of 50/50 Elmer’s Glue and water. Stick on a pair of googly eyes and you’re set! Feel free to draw on a mouth with a Sharpie or cut and glue one out of construction paper.

Image result for emoji pumpkins no carve

Emoji pumpkins. These are some of the easiest pumpkins to make. Paint your pumpkins a flat yellow color. After they dry you can either paint on the emoji faces, or cut and glue cardboard emoji faces as seen in the picture above. Either way, they are cute, current, and will be a hit with the trick or treaters.

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Let Your Kids Get Creative With DealDash

It is essential that you urge your kid to be innovative in their play. DealDash wants to help your kids use their imaginations so they can learn how to play by themselves, play en masse with others as well as improve their language and cognitive capabilities. When your youngster plays dress up as well as make believe games they could endure their dreams and also dreams. Using items like child kitchens and tool sets is perfect for helping teach your kids how to be creative.


You could locate many different kinds of playthings as well as video games that will urge your youngster to be innovative in their play. Some of the popular things consist of pretend kitchen areas with pretend food, horticulture toys, playthings that permit them to act to tidy, cash registers and also various other toys taking care of money, puppets, dolls as well as spy toys. Many of these you can find right now on DealDash at an incredible price without having to search all over.  Your child will love being there in their little kitchen you can find on DealDash with you while playing. You could find a great deal of playthings that will allow your youngster to cook right along with you. The listing of playthings is readily available and virtually unlimited as well. You can find everything like pretend picnic collections with food and spices, cooking collections, complete tea party sets, pots and pans, full collections of dinnerware (these generally like cups, plates, bowls and silverware) and pretend coffee makers.

They make amazing play kitchen areas these days that have sensible microwaves, fridges, stoves, dishwashing machines as well as even more. These play cooking areas typically like sounds and lights to make them show up much more sensible. You can additionally locate real ovens and also microwaves that will allow your children to cook together with you. Head over to DealDash right and you can find all these things at an incredible price right now instead of waiting. One more excellent toy your youngsters would certainly love is a pretend food store with a cash register so they can check out with their grocery stores. There are endless opportunities for pretend and creative play.

All young children prefer to play dress up with their mom and dad’s clothes. You could discover a bunch of spruce up apparel sets that have garments, accessories as well as even more to keep your children hectic for hrs. You could discover certain things your children will love consisting of cops outfits, fire fighter costumes, registered nurse and doctor outfits. These outfits typically include enjoyable devices like sticks, hats, ballet slippers, boas, capes and also tights, packed pets, baby dolls, serving trays and also food, princess pretty tiaras and anything else you could think about. Your child and also their buddies will love dressing up in these costumes and also acting out their own stories. Look on DealDash right now and you can find a ton of items that your children will love.


That would be both enjoyable and also educational. When your youngsters are little they will like to help you clean around your house too. This won’t last long though so appreciate it while you can. There is a great deal of various housekeeping toys available and other adorable playthings that your kids will love. These toys will certainly help your youngsters enhance their tiny living skills as well as learn about taking care of themselves. Now that you’ve read this post and you know how to help your kids play in a creative way, the next step is to go to DealDash and pick up some great items at an excellent price.