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DealDash Helps Ease Seasonal Allergies

dealdash allergies Seasonal allergies affect approximately 50 million people in the US. Chances are, you or a family member are affected. Here are some tips from DealDash to help.

First of all, there’s no getting around seasonal allergies altogether. Even with medications, you will still feel some mild symptoms. The good news is, though, that you can greatly reduce the worst symptoms in a variety of different ways. Read on to find out how.

Natural Remedies

If your allergy symptoms are already on the mild side, why not try some natural remedies before you use medication? Natural remedies are more gentle on your body than medications, and some of them are quite pleasant.

Eucalyptus has a smell that can clear your nasal passages naturally. Try inhaling steam from water with eucalyptus oil added to it or using an oil diffuser with eucalyptus oil added.

Another great essential oil that you can use to ease your allergy symptoms is frankincense. This essential oil can boost the immune system, and if you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s a wonderful addition to your natural health regimen.

A neti pot is another great natural remedy to use for any sort of nasal congestion, whether it’s from allergies or from a cold. A neti pot uses warm salt water to clean out your nasal passages and can be quite effective. You can purchase a neti pot at most big box stores and pharmacies.

Antihistamine Medications Can Help

If natural remedies aren’t cutting it, then it’s time to step-up your allergy regimen with some over-the-counter medication. Using oral antihistamines can improve your drippy nose and itchy and watery eyes. Another great form of antihistamine is nasal. Nasal antihistamine spray can reduce sneezing, stuffy sinuses, and all things allergy related for the nose. The final antihistamine medication I would like to mention is antihistamine drops for the eyes. Antihistamine eye drops can improve itchy, swollen, and red eyes.

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