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DealDash Health: Myths About Your Eyesight


Taking good care of your eyes is important. Here are some tips, tricks, and myths about your eyesight, from DealDash.

You may have heard your mother or grandmother say that you can damage your eyes if you watch TV too close or if you read with low light. But it is true? Let’s found out. Here is some information about your eyes, from DealDash. Please note, though, if you have any questions, problems, or concerns with your vision, please contact your eye doctor for an appointment.

Myth #1

The television can cause eye problems if you watch it too close or in a dark room.

This is not true because there is no knowledge of any type of radiation produced by the television that can cause eye damage, neither at close or at long distance. However, if you watch the TV too closely or in low light you could cause eye strain, which is a temporary condition that will resolve itself after you’ve rested your eyes.

Myth #2

The computer and iPad can damage your eyes.

The radiation emitted by the computer screens don’t differ at all with the ones emitted by a normal TV. With that being said, it causes no harm, however, you should remember to rest your eyes every 30 minutes. This will help to prevent the eye strain that I mentioned above.

Myth #3

Read with low light or too close can damage your vision.

The intensity of the light used can make things appear more or less illuminated. Similar to when you take a photograph in low light doesn’t harm the camera, the eye doesn’t get any damage by reading with low light. Reading with a brighter light can help your eyes avoid eye strain, though.

When you read too close to your face, it requires your eyes to work harder to keep things in focus. It doesn’t cause any damage but can make your eyes feel tired.

Myth #4

You need to eat carrots for a good vision.

Carrots have a lot of vitamin A, but if you eat a normal diet you will get enough. If a person has myopia (He doesn’t see well up close), they could eat a ton of carrots and still he will have myopia. With that being said, though, carrots are both healthy and delicious. They make an excellent snack, but don’t count on throwing away your glasses after going on a carrot binge.

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