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DealDash Prepares for a Flight


No matter if you love or hate flying, most of us have to sometimes. Here are some tips from DealDash to prepare for your next flight.

Going on a vacation or a business trip can be a very exciting (and sometimes stressful) experience, especially if you are flying. Going on a flight can be scary at first especially if this is your first time taking an airplane. You have to be prepared for a flight because you will be far away from home. Some people don’t know what to bring on a flight or how to prepare for one. Here are 3 tips to help you prepare for a flight, from DealDash.

1 – Figure Out the Rules

No airline is exactly the same. There are different rules and regulations that you have to follow depending on the type of airline you choose. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you can bring aboard. It is important to make sure that you carry all liquids in a carry-on.

If you have an item in your carry on that is not allowed on the plane, you have to put it in your luggage. If you don’t follow these rules you might have to throw away your liquids. In the case of items not allowed on the plane such as a pocketknife or scissors, you might have to either throw them away or mail them back to yourself at your own expense.

3 – Make Sure You Have Everything

When you go on a flight you can’t run back home and get the things that you have forgotten. You have to make sure that you have everything that you need before you board your flight. Make sure that you have your necessities such as underwear, jackets, and feminine products if you are a woman, and all of the toiletries that you need. 

Depending on where you are traveling to, sometimes it makes sense to buy some of these items when you arrive instead of bringing them with you on the plane. Of course, if you are going somewhere that you are unfamiliar with, then it’s better safe than sorry – bring everything that you think that you might need with you on the plane.

If you need luggage, carry on bags, or toiletry bags DealDash has you covered. They stock all of these items as well as purses, laptop bags, duffle bags, backpacks, and more. If you are planning on buying a new bag, check DealDash first.

3 – Arrive on Time

When you are taking a flight, it is important to be there on time, so you won’t miss your flight. You should arrive at least two hours early. This will give you time to call a cab if you have to, and get through traffic. Arriving early is also important just in case any emergencies may come up. Yes, it might be boring to sit around in an airport if you arrive too early. However, that is better than the alternative of being late and missing your flight.

Thanks for Reading

These are really just a few of the things that you should do to prepare for your flight. Preparing for a flight can be a stressful situation. These tips will help you have a smooth and easy flight to your destination.

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DealDash Helps: Budget Road Trip

Summer is a perfect time to go on vacation, but what if you don’t have the money? Budget road trips can be just as fun.

Normally my family goes on a vacation every year. We’ve been to Bermuda, San Diego, Tampa, and Montreal to name a few. However this year we have a new baby so we decided to stay a little closer to home. While planning our summer vacation this year I noticed how much money we were going to be saving by not going too far outside of New England. As a challenge to myself I decided to see exactly how frugal I could be in my vacation planning and still show the kids a great time. On to the savings!

First of all, forget flying. We were originally thinking about going to Salt Lake City, but plane tickets alone for my family of 5 was going to be in the range of $4,000 for the times we wanted to go, so we decided that this year was going to be a road trip only kind of trip. When you are thinking about road-tripping on a budget, the first thing that you want to think about is what is the maximum distance that you are willing to travel, or even more budget-friendly, what is the maximum distance that you can travel in one day so you can avoid staying in multiple different hotels.

The maximum distance that we decided on was 500 miles, which is a full 8-ish hours of travel. So then we looked to see where we could go in that mileage range and came up with New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Philadelphia, and Providence.  This is really easy to look up using Google Maps.

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DealDash Travels: Bermuda

Have you ever travelled to Bermuda? Bermuda is one of the easiest island paradise destinations to visit from the East coast. Let’s explore…

  Bermuda is just a quick 2 hour plane ride from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and many other East Coast cities. Bermuda is also one of the few beach destinations that have cruises leaving from Boston and New York, instead of having to fly all the way down to Florida to take your cruise. Aside from the quick flight time, when you arrive in Bermuda it’s like a whole new world, especially if you are travelling in the winter.
  If you’re still feeling chilly now in the springtime, you might be interested to know that the air and water temperatures in Bermuda in May are both around 75 degrees. Bermudians consider May the start of their summer season and can be seen enjoying the beaches already.
  Another fun fact about Bermuda is that if you are a tourist you cannot rent a car! That might sound strange, but once you have been to Bermuda and experienced its tiny roads and blind hairpin curves you will most likely understand why. Luckily for tourists, though, Bermuda has an excellent bus system. There are only 11 bus routes, and most of them all leave from the Central Terminal in their downtown area. If a completely map-illiterate person such as myself can get around without getting lost then I’m sure that you can, too.
  If busses aren’t your thing, there’s no reason to worry. You can also rent a scooter, take a ferry, or even just get a taxi. If you’re staying at a resort in Bermuda then you will most likely be able to rent a golf cart from the resort. This is a very fun option, and depending on which resort that you are staying in you might even be able to get to the beach with your golf cart! However, this fun comes with a considerable expense. When I was in Bermuda last year our (4 person) golf cart was approximately $100 per day to rent.
  Speaking of high costs, almost all of the food in Bermuda has to be either shipped or flown in, so it’s very expensive. For example, a gallon of milk is about $10! However, if you go to Bermuda you are probably only staying a week or so you probably don’t need to buy an entire gallon of milk, anyway!
  Bermuda has absolutely beautiful beaches with pink sand. Yes, that’s right – pink! No, they don’t dye it that way for aesthetics, it’s because red tiny organisms grow under the coral reefs in Bermuda and die on the ocean floor. They are then swept forward by the waves and land on the beach sand, making it pink.
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