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DealDash Helps You Prepare for the Dreaded Flu Season


With the kids back into school and the weather slipping back into fall, we know that flu season is coming. Here are some tips from DealDash to avoid the dreaded flu season.

It is that time of year again when everyone is prone to getting the flu. The flu is a worldwide epidemic that happens mostly during the winter time. Almost anyone can get the flu especially children and the elderly. It is important to be prepared for the flu season so you won’t have to deal with the illness that everyone dreads. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for the flu season, and keep up your health level in general, from DealDash.

Make Sure You Have Supplies

Before the flu season starts, you should stock up on the supplies that you need to prevent the flu such as hand sanitizer, hand soap, and tissues. It is also good to carry Lysol wipes around so you can clean off the surfaces that people may touch to get rid of the germs if they are ill. Having the right supplies will help make dealing with the flu season easier.

Wash Away the Germs

The flu can easily spread from one person to the other, so it is important to keep up with personal hygiene and to wash your hands. Washing your hands with some soap and warm water can kill a significant amount of germs. If you have young kids it is best to remind them to wash their hands after they use the restroom. Also, you and your family should all be sure to wash your hands before eating. You can also have your family carry around packs of hand sanitizer, so they will stay free of germs.

Get a Flu Vaccine

One of the easiest ways to prepare for the flu season is to get a flu vaccine. The flu vaccine can protect you against the normal strains of the flu. Catching the flu is different from having a cold because the flu virus can spread the day before the symptoms of the flu show up. That is why it is important to get your flu vaccine as soon as possible. Children should get their flu vaccine at their pediatrician’s office. Adults can get their vaccine at their doctor’s office, or many pharmacies also administer flu shots.

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The flu season is not something that anyone looks forward to. If you follow these tips you will have a much easier time not getting the flu. Remember that the flu can happen to anyone, but when you are prepared as well as already being healthy you have a better chance of not getting sick.

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DealDash Health: Is it a Cold or the Flu?


It can be very difficult to tell if it’s a cold or flu when you are sick. Here are some tips on figuring out what it is, from DealDash.

Flu and colds are not the same, although sometimes your symptoms can get confused. Both are diseases caused by a virus, easily contagious and with symptoms that mainly pertain to the respiratory system. However, differentiating them is important because while a cold is usually not severe, the flu can lead to serious complications depending on the person who has it, and therefore must be aware of its evolution. Read on for more information, from DealDash

How do colds and flu differ?

For starters, flu and colds are distinguished by the speed at which their symptoms appear. While a cold usually comes on suddenly, and we go from perfect to ill in just a few hours, colds are more progressive. It can take a couple of days to develop all the symptoms. Colds are more likely to get into our nose and throat. Sneezing, nasal congestion and sore throat are very common.

The flu usually makes us feel worse in general. It is common to have a fever for several days (something rare in a cold), joint and muscle pain, headaches, chills, and general weakness.

What Do They Look Like?

Colds and flu have one very important thing in common: as we have already said, both are caused by a virus. This means that neither of them are treated with antibiotics. The only cure for both is to let a few days go by, finish the viral process, and cope with the symptoms with pain relievers, analgesic medications, and decongestant medications.

It is important to emphasize that there are no antibiotics that cure a cold or flu. The misuse of antibiotics results in the resistance of different bacteria to these drugs, which becomes a serious problem when we suffer from a real bacterial infection. It’s important to save these antibiotic medications for when they will actually be effective.

The development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a serious global public health problem. Scientists around the world are working to develop new antibiotics that are more effective. This requires time, talent, and funding. Until then, it is important that we make proper use of what we have.

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DealDash Helps: Worried About That Cough?

dealdash sick cough

Colds, coughs, and sneezes are commonplace during the colder months. When is it time to worry?

No matter how seasoned a parent or grandparent is, they always wonder if they should worry about their child’s cough. Relax, there are few more widespread and frustrating symptoms than a simple cough. From experience with my own three little ones, I know it can be irritating and annoying to them when they are trying to sleep. It can sometimes even be scary when they can’t catch their breath and are wheezing.

I know it hurts our little ones’ chests to a point that you worry so much that you stay up all night and look after them. It’s important to understand that coughs differ, some may need particular attention and a doctor’s care while others need patience and support from you, not medicine. Let’s take a look at different types of children’s coughs with DealDash.

When In Doubt, Call the Doctor

If a child has a constant hacking cough that becomes severe to the point where she can’t catch her breath or speak, it’s serious. Stop reading this article and get your little kiddo to the nearest pediatrician, urgent care, or hospital for medical evaluation. The respiratory distress like constant belly breathing is not something to neglect. If you think that your child is having trouble breathing, make sure you follow the advice above. When you are in doubt, let professionals take care of this problem. If it’s a false alarm it will at least put your concerns at ease.

Listen Up.

Specific coughs have a characteristic sound depending on the cause. A barky cough which reminds you of a seal might be common croup. Croup is a viral infection of the larynx. Some medicines can come in handy with this type of a cough, and if your child makes a gasping noise as he inhales and exhales as well as the fact that he has a barky cough, then he needs a doctor to check him out, right away.

Asthma-like symptoms might cause the type of cough which sounds tight and dry. If your baby is very young or unvaccinated and he has a constant staccato-like cough, it could be whooping cough, which is quite dangerous. Antibiotics are needed for the patient as well as for yourself and all her close contacts. It’s not fun, but it’s part of being a parent.

The type of cough that is loose and comes with mucus is a wild card – it can either be sinusitis or pneumonia. This one has to be treated with antibiotics, or it could be just a simple plain virus like the common cold or even the flu. Support your child with patience and care, be there for him, he is going to need your loving care.

Treat Your Child Correctly

Once you know the type of cough that your child has, you can get the right medicine. If you even need any at all, of course. Don’t discredit the professional care measures; coughs can be painful and uncomfortable. If nothing works, seek help from a pediatrician.

I hope that you found this article on children’s coughs helpful. If your little one is ill, why not get them a little get-well gift? DealDash has so many wonderful things for children such as games, stuffed animals, and sports equipment.

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DealDash On: Winter Illnesses

Image result for winter illnesses

Staying well and not succumbing to a winter illness can be a tough proposition. There are germs everywhere. Here is a quick guide from DealDash to winter illnesses to try to avoid.

No one likes coughing, fevers, dry eyes, sniffles, and headaches, but sadly most people have some (or all) of these annoying symptoms every year due to getting sick in the winter time. People who are healthy at all other times of the year seems to end up sick in the winter, possibly due to being cooped up inside, sharing germs that the kids bring home from school, and many other reasons. Here is a short guide from DealDash of some of the illnesses that you should try to watch out for this winter.

  • Common cold
    A cold is a viral infection that has a runny nose, and/or nasal congestion, a sore throat, a cough, and also possibly includes a  headache. You might also have a low-grade fever when you first contract a cold. Unfortunately, Colds can be caused by many different types of viruses, so it’s possible to get one after another, and there is no vaccine against a cold. Luckily, the winter months are usually when most people contract a cold. Most colds clear themselves up about in approximately 7-10 days. As I said, there’s no cure for the cold, just rest, hydration, and OTC medication to manage your symptoms.
  • Bronchiolitis
    Bronchiolitis is a common viral respiratory infection, especially among children, but anyone can contract Bronchiolitis. However, it is most often seen in younger children. Nasal congestion, cough, low-grade fevers, and wheezing are the most common symptoms seen with bronchiolitis. It can mimic a common cold in the beginning, and then can progress into the more serious bronchiolitis with wheezing, difficulty breathing, and dehydration. Just like it’s cousin, the cold, the symptoms with bronchiolitis tend to worsen over the first few days and then begin to improve. It’s very common to have a lingering cough after a bout of bronchiolitis.

Influenza or “the Flu” begins with a high fever, cough, sore throat, headache, and also muscle aches and pains. The muscle aches and pains are the clue that you are dealing with the flu instead of a cold. The fever with the flu can last up to 5 days. The flu isn’t usually harmful to the average healthy adult, but it can be dangerous for babies, kids, the elderly, and people with already compromised immune systems. The best way to avoid the flu is to make sure that you and everyone in your family gets their annual flu vaccine.

  • Strep Throat
    Strep throat can be contracted by anyone, but is most often seen in school-aged children and their parents. Strep throat usually includes a sore throat, headache, and can also include a stomach ache. Some people who contract strep will get high fevers or vomit. Luckily, strep throat does not cause cold symptoms or coughing.  It can usually be easily treated with antibiotics; sometimes there is a re-occurrence of strep throat shortly after. On a personal note, when I was in high school I repeatedly contracted strep throat, and they removed my tonsils!

I hope that you found this DealDash guide on winter illnesses helpful. If you’re sick and stuck at home, get your mind off of your discomfort and check out DealDash. DealDash has many things to help you feel better with your illness including blankets, digital thermometers, heating pads, and more. Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!