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DealDash Crafts: Sewing Basket Basics


If you would like to get started with a sewing hobby you’re going to need some basics. Here is a guide from DealDash as to what should go into your sewing basket.

When you require sewing supplies to stitch on a fast button or fix a ripped seam, every house must have a basic sewing basket at the ready for those times. By having a stitching basket with all of your fundamental sewing basics in one location, you can be ready for any little sewing emergency which may emerge. Read on for more information, from DealDash.

The Basket

The very first thing you will require to have is a sewing basket itself. By having numerous compartments you can keep your sewing basket in order and totally free from mess. You will want to choose a basket that is large and has compartments for all of your notions.

Sharp Scissors

Trying to snip cloth with dull scissors is one of the most discouraging things you can do when you are stitching. Having a sharp pair of scissors readily available without having to hunt around the home for them. Therefore, a sharp pair of scissors is needed for any sewing basket.

In addition to regular scissors, pinking shears are needed as well. They are a unique kind of scissors. They cut material so that the edges are zig-zagged. This zig-zagging help to keep fabric edges from tearing. If you will be dealing with a fabric with a tendency to fray, such as satin, you will find that pinking shears make your life a whole lot easier. They are not a must, but if you sew often you might want to invest in a pair.

Pins and Needles

In your sewing box, you will want to have extremely sharp needles and some which are blunt ended. You will want hand sewing needles as well as sewing machine needles if you use a sewing machine. In addition to needles, you will need to have plenty of pins as well. They can hold things together while you are stitching them.

A pink holder for your pins is a must. Instead of a conventional fabric pin cushion, a magnetic pin holder can make your use of needles and pins simpler. Likewise, when you are finished for the day, you can simply wave your magnetic pin holder over your work area. This will draw up all the roaming pins. You don’t want them ending up on the carpet and in someone’s foot (or a pet or child’s mouth!). A magnetic pin holder is a staple for any sewing basket.

Thread Spools

No sewing basket is complete without threads of many colors. The last thing you want to do is discover yourself requiring to stitch on a dark button and only having white thread to do it with. You need to have a large supply of both black and white, and at least one spool of navy, gray, brown, red, light and dark blue thread.

Odds and Ends

A stitch gauge looks like a small ruler with a moving gage on it. The stitch gauge is utilized to assist you to determine as well as to assist you in sewing straight lines and hems. This is not a “must have” but it is a nice addition to your basket.

Taylor’s chalk is used for making markings on your material. The chalk is quickly removed from your final product by brushing it away. You should have both light and dark taylor’s chalk.

Anti-fraying solution can be used to the edges of your material. This is to keep it from fraying either permanently or temporarily. The tube looks like super glue and can safely be used on the majority of materials. Spot check a small area first to determine if you can use it on your material.

Thanks for Reading

So keep all of this information in mind when you are looking to fill up your sewing basket. You will be prepared for any sewing emergency or task if you take the time to equip your sewing basket with the above items. And, you can be the hero of your house when a button falls off  right before you leave for a family event that you don’t want to be late to arrive!

All of these crafting supplies including cloth and notions can be purchased at a big box store such as Wal-Mart. DealDash has gift cards to Wal-Mart which is an a perfect place to get these sewing notions and supplies.

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DealDash Cooks: Why the Slow Cooker?

Crock-Pot Cook and Travel Programmable Slow Cooker

You might wonder why so many people love the slow cooker. DealDash is here to tell you why.

When many people think about a healthy and hearty meal they believe that it must take hours of preparation and cooking time. This doesn’t have to be the case at all if you use a slow cooker. You will be able to take advantage of many benefits if you choose to use a slow cooker. Here are some reasons, from DealDash.

Save Money on Food

One big reason to make use of a slow cooker is that it is going to save you money. You will be able to select less expensive cuts of meat. Why? Because they will come out as tender as possible being cooked slowly in a slow cooker. This can be a huge advantage especially if you are on a tight budget. Many supermarkets have very inexpensive roasts on sale every week.

Save More Time

You are going to save a great deal of time when you choose to use a slow cooker to prepare your meals.  All you will need to do is add all the needed ingredients, set it to the right temperature and you are all set. This allows you to prepare tasty meals in no time at all for your household. Most slow cookers have simple controls, low and high.

You’ll Eat More Healthfully

You will also be eating more healthfully when you choose to use a slow cooker. Also, you will be avoiding extra oils and fats that you would be adding if you were to be frying or sauteing foods. If you like, you can also take the fat out of the liquid that you add to make the meal healthier for your family.

Quick SLow Cooker Rules

Some rules to follow when you are using the slow cooker include: First, cut up vegetables evenly to be able to cook them properly. Next, do not choose to make use of a slow cooker to reheat leftover food. Finally, allow plenty of time for food to be able to be cooked properly at lower temperatures. Doing things like this is going to help you prepare the best possible foods in your slow cooker.

Thanks for Reading

This is just the start of the benefits that you can get from making meals with the slow cooker. You will be able to take advantage of these benefits just by following the tips listed above. Your family is going to love the healthy great tasting meals you make with your slow cooker.

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DealDash: Does Cleaning Define You?

DealDash cleans

Does the way you clean your home define you? How Does Cleaning Make You Happy? DealDash investigates…

Even if it might just seem like a daily ritual, the way you clean depends on your mood and your health. If a long period passes between cleaning sessions and your home becomes semi-chaos, it will start to affect your comfort and your well-being. In this case, you can’t help but take your vacuum cleaner, mop, etc. and restore the clean and orderly environment.

With all of that said, some of us have a higher rate of tolerance for clutter and mess. This means that we can function whole weeks without moving a spot of dirt, while others are obsessed that everything has to be perfect. Personally, I am somewhere in the middle, as I guess that most of us are.

What About Personality?

The way your home looks can reveal a lot about your personality, and also about your tastes and interests. Sometimes your home also reflects the moods that you pass through. If our mood is continually bad and it has taken over, it will reflect the environment that we live in. You won’t arrange your shoes nicely anymore, you won’t re-arrange and refresh anything in your house, and dust will start to accumulate. A home with its curtains drawn, unventilated air, and dirty surfaces can feed your negative mental state.

This turns into a vicious cycle where your depressed mood overtakes you and it makes you feel inactive. Unfortunately, the atmosphere of neglect that you created in your home helps maintain this negative state. This is why if you want to change something, you need a bit of self-discipline and a “just do it” attitude.

Are You a Creative Person?

If we talk about a person’s interests, it’s relatively simple to identify them after you visit his home. For example, let’s look at an artist. They place themselves at two opposite ends of the spectrum. Artists have the tendency to live in chaos, but they say that it is a well-organized chaos that helps them find everything they need. This is why they keep their environment like that; it helps them create. We can’t say that it’s affecting them negatively because this simply how they like to function.

If we take a high-powered executive, they look more organized and appear with a more rigid image. They tend to organize everything, from the distance between the crystal glasses to the hygiene products in the bathroom. They also have a tendency to fill their homes with minimalist furniture, with straight lines and neutral colors. In some cases, it creates a cold environment in their homes. Of course, there are plenty of artists who prefer order and some execs who prefer chaos! As I like to tell my kids “Everyone’s different!”

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dealdash carpet cleaning

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Spring Clean It! With DealDash…


DealDash cleaning

Now that the weather is getting warmer it’s time to start making a cleaning list. Let DealDash help with these handy tips.

Over the course of the next few months, as temperatures rise and flowers start blooming, two dreaded words will begin to pop up everywhere: spring cleaning.  For a busy mom, the idea of more tasks to add on to her list of chores may sound wearying, but don’t fret!  Cleaning and organizing a house does not have to be as intimidating as it sounds and the effort can pay off in a big way.  Here are some tips for tackling spring cleaning, from DealDash.

Many Small Tasks Equals Great Cleaning

    • Break up the job into smaller, more manageable tasks.  Don’t expect to get everything done at once.  It’s more realistic (and less exhausting!) to divide the house into chunks and plan to work on one room or area at a time, stretching the overall cleaning out over a few days.  

Get Those Out of the Way Areas

    • Make sure to get the nooks and crannies that are usually missed in day-to-day cleaning.  This means cleaning under furniture, dusting shelves that usually have books and other knick-knacks on them, and cleaning behind or around kitchen appliances.  

Don’t Make Things Harder, Use Multi-Purpose

    • Use a multipurpose cleaner for many jobs.  They are convenient and effective, and much faster than switching cleaning product after every surface you clean.

The More You De-Clutter, the Less You Have to Scrub

    • When de-cluttering, make three piles: keep, trash, and donate/sell.  This method is great for clothes, books, toys, or any similar possessions.  Items that you use and want to keep go in the “keep” pile, items that are broken or unusable go in the “trash” pile to be thrown out, and items that are still in good condition but are no longer needed go in the third pile to be donated, passed on as hand-me-downs, or sold.  To donate, try charities like Goodwill or Salvation Army or similar local organizations.  Libraries are usually happy to take book donations as well!  
    • If you’d like to sell some of your old items, consider having a garage sale. If a garage sale doesn’t appeal to you, you can always make an account at Swap.com and send in your old clothing on consignment. I use this service regularly, and actually was introduced to Swap.com by DealDash!

Clean Up Your Cosmetics


  • Take this opportunity to clean up your cosmetics as well.  Many of us have a habit of using cosmetic products long after they expire, so this is a great chance to check those expiration dates and also to wash any brushes you may use to apply makeup.

No One’s Perfect

  • Most of all, don’t sweat it too much!  Nobody has a picture-perfect home, especially when you have young kids.  Do what you can, and remember that a house that’s a little bit messy or visibly lived-in just means that your family has made themselves feel at home.  

Thanks for Reading

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dealdash cleaning

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DealDash Cleans: Your Baseboards

If you were under the impression that there was only one way to clean your baseboards you would be mistaken. There are a few different ways, and here are some tips and tricks to getting your baseboards their cleanest.

Cleaning your baseboards isn’t fun or glamorous, but it is the sort of task that when you’re finished  makes your home look better in a semi-indescribable way. No one will probably ever come in and compliment you on your clean baseboards, but if your baseboards aren’t clean your guests might notice, or just have a general sense that your house isn’t as sparkling clean as it could be.

Today I cleaned my baseboards, and I did it the old-fashioned way – I handed my son a rag and a basin full of soapy water and told him to get scrubbing! However, he wasn’t doing that great of a job, so I started doing some research online of better ways to get your baseboards clean. Here are my results:

  • You can use a tub of Lysol wipes. That way you don’t have to do anything with the wash basin or the washcloth. Just pull one out, wipe the baseboards until the Lysol wipe is dirty, throw it away, and repeat. This way is what I would suggest if you have some last-minute guests and want to make the main living area a little bit more presentable.
  • Fabric softener sheets! You can save up used fabric softener sheets from drying your clothing and use them to dry wipe your baseboards. This only works if your baseboards are just dusty – it won’t work if you have actual dirt from people’s shoes or from pets or children making a mess.
  • And lastly, my new favorite way to clean the baseboards…Magic Erasers! I am a big fan of Magic Erasers for other cleaning projects, but I had never thought to use them to clean the baseboards. It’s basically the same concept as using the washcloth, but it works so much better, and it has the added bonus of saving time, because you can clean up any marks on the walls while you are cleaning the baseboards instead of making it into two separate cleaning projects. Just use your regular wash basin that you would have used with your washcloth, but put in about half as much water and dish soap as you would normally put in. Then just clean as you normally would with the washcloth, but you will significantly reduce your need to scrub, and they will come out looking awesome!

If you are in need of any cleaning products such as Clorox, Tide, paper towels, etc then be sure to check out DealDash. They have a wonderful category called Home, Garden, and Tools that you can check out by clicking this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!