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DealDash Helps: Begin Journaling


Journaling is good for your mental health and well-being. Here are some tips for getting started from DealDash.

Have you ever tried keeping a journal? If you haven’t tried journal writing yet, or you have but let it fall by the wayside, or just didn’t really get into it, there is no time like the present to try again. Journaling is a nice hobby that you can do from anywhere, is practically free, and is very fun to look back on years down the line. Here are some tips and ideas to help you, from DealDash.

Find a Journal

Your journal can be as inexpensive as a spiral notebook from the dollar store, or as expensive as you choose. One of the great things about a journal is that you can take it anywhere with you, just stick it in your purse, pocket, backpack, or laptop case. You don’t need an electrical plug or wi-fi, or anything other than just your paper and pen.

However, some people enjoy buying fancy journals with thick paper. And other people like to buy journals pre-printed with the date so it reminds them to write a little bit every day. That’s another thing that’s great about journaling – it’s totally customizable.

What Will You Write About?

Personally, I am the type of person who likes to buy the journals with the pre-printed dates. It has enough space to write just a little bit about your day, and it’s not overwhelming at all. Honestly, completely blank journals make me feel a little anxious like I should be writing lots and lots, so the ones with just a few lines per day are perfect for me.

Other people prefer to have pages with lines so they can make lists, ideas, and inventions. Other people like the kind with lines to write poetry or music. And yet there are other people who like their journals to be completely blank so they can draw or tape in pictures. That’s the wonderful thing about journaling, it’s completely up to you how you would like to do it.

When Will You Write?

You can write anytime, day or night. Some people like to have a strict schedule of writing in their journal, such as immediately upon waking, or right before bed. Other people don’t write in their journals every day, only when the mood strikes them. There is no right or wrong time to write in your journal.

Thanks for Reading

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DealDash Says: Keep a Gratitude Journal

DealDash grateful

Keeping a gratitude journal can help you have more appreciation in life. Let DealDash help.

How do you start a gratitude journal, and where do you get one? Those might be the first questions that you have when thinking about gratitude journals. Luckily, those questions are very easily answered. Here are some ideas and tips for starting a gratitude journal, from DealDash.

Where Do I Get One?

Don’t overthink it! Any regular journal or notebook will do the trick. Simply go to a bookstore such as Barnes and Noble and pick out a beautiful journal or notebook that makes you think happy thoughts. You might want to select something with flowers, animals, or babies on it – whatever makes you happy.

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How Do You Start One?

Just write. That’s all. Think about what makes you happy in life, how your life has improved, how loved you are by your family. Gratitude journaling has helped me see things not as problems as possibilities, instead.

What were formerly obstacles in my way are now chances to improve myself. Small things in my day that I would have never thought about before can become tiny little victories in my gratitude journal.

Who Can This Help?

A gratitude journal can be helpful for anyone who knows how to write, even children. In this hustle bustle world where nothing stops moving for a moment, it’s nice to sit down with your kids and talk about what we can be grateful about. Even if life is tough there’s always a few things that you can choose to be happy about, such as having good health, loved ones, friends, a job, or even something as simple as a treat to look forward to after dinner. There’s always something, no matter how dark your day has been.

I’m Grateful for My Readers

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Journaling with DealDash

Journaling with DealDash

Journaling is a great way to let off some steam in a healthy way and lower your stress level. Here are some journaling ideas from DealDash.

Journaling can be a lot of fun, and almost as good as a visit with a psychologist. Better yet, you can bring your journal with you and write down your thoughts when you get a chance. Sometimes there’s so much going on inside of our heads that we can lose track of our thoughts. Some of these thoughts are probably your run of the mill type, but other ones might be deep, introspective, and worth keeping to look back on in the future. Here are some great reasons to journal, from DealDash.

Another great thing about journaling is that you can get your bad thoughts and feelings out on paper and be able to reflect on them before making any type of plan that might alter your life, job, or relationships. Write about what’s bothering you.  When you write about your challenges it will make your feel better and less stressed out.  There is this power that comes with writing about your problems. When you commit your problems to paper and put your frustrations into words you can begin to process your problems and think of solutions. Unfortunately, the solution might not immediately appear but you do get one step close to finding it.

Finally, keeping a journal can help you see your growth – both emotional and physical. There is nothing quite like going back through old journals and reading what you’ve written when you were younger. It’s a tiny glimpse into the past and who you used to be. Things that might seem like a huge deal at the time most likely won’t matter to you later on in life. It’s very helpful to appreciate how your thought and feelings change over the years. Your journal is a first-hand account of all your triumphs, failings, happy times, and sad ones. There is nothing better than hearing about your past from yourself – the only person who will truly understand your feelings 100% of the time.

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