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DealDash Kids: Stop Summer Learning Loss

DealDash Here we are in the summertime, and a big problem plaguing kids is summer learning loss. Here are some tips from DealDash to stop the loss before it starts!

Summertime is a great time for kids to be able to cut loose away from school. Unfortunately, it can also set back their learning by a month or more. You don’t want to make going back to school more difficult for your child. Here are some simple way to stop learning loss, from DealDash.

Reading is Fun

You need to make reading a top priority. Use any opportunity that you can to get your kids reading. You will find that if you are able to do this you will see your kids will have a much simpler time transitioning back into school when summer is over. My daughter likes to read to other people – me, her baby brother, and even the cats. It’s much more fun to read to someone than read alone.

Homework All Summer (Sorry, Kids)

Coming up with some fun homework for your kids is also something that you should be thinking about doing. You should do some fun science projects, or book reports, or anything that will be fun and a learning experience for your kids. Depending on where you live your child’s teacher might have sent home some work to do over the summer. You can also find some fun and educational activities on your library’s website.

Make it a Learning Experience

Take every chance that you can get to turn something into a learning experience. For example, you can go to the zoo and have your kids do a report on their favorite animal. You could also come up with some fun art projects or take an opportunity to see a history museum. Depending on your library, many offer free passes to kid’s educational places such as the Children’s Museum.

Just Ask!

Simply ask your kids what they would like to do to keep learning alive during the summertime. You will find that they will likely have some pretty cool ideas that will help to keep learning fun for them so that you will not have to worry about them getting behind. Asking your kids for ideas is a great way to keep them involved in their learning. My daughter likes to play games with flashcards and write little stories in a notebook. Your kids probably have a few good ideas as well. Just ask!

Thanks for Reading

So keep these tips in mind when you are looking for ways to stop learning loss in your kids over the summer. Then you will feel so much better in the fall when they return back to school. With all the fun and learning that they can do it would be a wonderful opportunity for them to take advantage of this summer.

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