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DealDash Cooks: With a Microwave?!


Many people prefer the speed and convience of a microwave when cooking. Here are some tips to keep in mind, from DealDash.

Cooking with a microwave may not be the most healthy thing to do. However, it is very convenient.  Now many people might be conjuring up ideas of poor tasting microwave dinners when it comes to cooking with this kitchen appliance. Thankfully, you can actually whip up some tasty treats using your microwave. Here are a few things you should remember when cooking with a microwave, from DealDash.

Make Sure it Cooks Evenly

You need to make sure that you are getting even heat distribution when it comes to microwave cooking. What  this means is that you need to stir what needs to be stirred and flip what can’t be stirred so that they are cooked evenly. Almost all microwaves nowadays have a spinning glass plate inside to help with the heat distribution. This isn’t a complete solution, though, stirring and flipping is the answer to your problems. Additionally, you also need to make sure that food is arranged in a manner that allows them to cook evenly.

Please Be Safe

Always make sure that you are cooking with a microwave safe dish. Glass and ceramic are typically containers that are safe for use in the microwave. You can also use paper plates, as well. Microwaving using plastic dishes is a little iffy, please be sure to check the bottom of your plastics to make sure that there is a little microwave symbol. I will stick a microwave safe symbol below so you can be sure to check for it the next time you want to microwave plastic.

Image result for safe to microwave symbol

Cooking Times Matter

Remember that foods that have a high sugar or a high fat content are going to heat up faster than those that do not. Keep this in mind when determining cooking times. You don’t want to overcook your food. Remember, if it isn’t hot enough when you test it you can always put it in for longer. If you are trying to make a microwave recipe for the first time you should start out by using the shortest cooking time and adjust as needed.

More Quick Tips

  • If the food that you want to cook has a skin you need to pierce the skin so that pressure does not build up while cooking causing the food to blow up.
  • You will find that you will experience less evaporation in the microwave so you can use less liquids to prepare your foods.
  • Please never put metal in the microwave.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

These are just a few tips to remember when doing microwave cooking. You can make sure that your meals taste great by making sure to remember these tips from DealDash.

As you continue to cook with your microwave you will begin to see that you can make sure really great tasting foods. You just need to research all that you can to learn the proper ways to utilize this cooking appliance and you will be really happy with the results.

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