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DealDash Health: Learn About Magnesium


Knowing about vitamins and minerals can help you improve your health. Read on for more information about magnesium, from DealDash.

Magnesium, such as calcium or potassium, is a mineral of great importance to our body. However, it is less well-known than the previous ones. You should learn more about this nutrient because it should not be missing in your daily diet. DealDash is here to tell you everything you need to know about magnesium.

Functions of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the minerals that abound most in our body. It is found mainly in our bones, although it is not only found there. It is also a regulator of a variety of indispensable processes in our body.

For example, it assists in the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, which is why it is so important to have healthy bones. It also participates in the transmission of nerve impulse and muscle contraction. Therefore, it is necessary for sports performance and also to prevent muscle cramps.

Also, since the heart is also a muscle, magnesium assists in its functioning. Magnesium helps the heart in its proper contractions.

Also, magnesium is involved in many metabolic processes of energy production. Magnesium is involved in the formation of proteins and also in the absorption of glucose and its degradation.

How Much Magnesium Do I Need?

You’ve just learned about the functions of magnesium. They are many and cover different areas of great importance to our body. If you’re wondering how much magnesium you need, between 300 and 400 mg daily are essential for a healthy body.

What if I Don’t Get Enough magnesium?

Given the variety of functions that magnesium has in key processes of our body, getting enough magnesium is very important. If your body’s level of magnesium falls below normal levels, it causes consequences It can cause different unpleasant disorders in our body.

First, vital processes such as those that regulate the balance of electrolytes are affected. This can lead to a decrease in calcium in the body and also affect potassium levels. All this leads to a loss of calcium from the bones that can eventually lead to osteoporosis and also alters muscle contractibility.

Lack of magnesium can also lead to nervous and muscular system failure. This is a problem leading to irritability, tremors, cramps, vertigo or dizziness, as well as failures in cardiovascular function. In short, be sure that you are getting enough magnesium in your diet.

Foods with More Magnesium

Magnesium is not only a very abundant mineral in our body, but it is also in a great variety of foods that we can consume. Therefore, it should be an easy task to get enough magnesium in your daily diet. Among the foods with more magnesium are those such as seeds, nuts or whole grains. Here are a few magnesium packed treats:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds and peanuts
  • Vegetables
  • Soy flour
  • Whole wheat flour

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DealDash Health: Vitamins

Taking vitamins can be a great way to boost your health and well-being. Even if you eat your fruits and veggies you still might be missing some vital nutrients in your diet.

You need vitamins and minerals in any diet, and research from many various sources suggest that they may help prevent cancer and heart disease, and other less dire health problems such as anemia. You might think that you are getting all of the vitamins that you need from your food if you are eating a healthy diet, but you might not be getting enough.

Here are some of the vitamins and minerals that you should be getting daily. Check your diet, and be sure to take a vitamin supplement if you feel you aren’t getting enough from your food.

Beta-Carotene – Beta-carotene is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, and red, yellow, and green peppers, in addition to other foods. This antioxidant is converted in the body to vitamin A and is important for healthy vision, a functioning immune system, and good skin. Be sure that you are adding in some healthy peppers into your diet such as on your pizza, in your stir fry, or even on your salad.

Calcium – Calcium is mostly found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, but it can also be found in kale, and even sardines! Calcium helps to maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Folic Acid – Folic acid is important for adults, but especially important to women who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. Folic acid prevents neural tube defects such as spina bifida in babies, is found in fortified breakfast cereal, dark green vegetables, beans, citruses, bread, and pasta. That’s right, bring on the pasta, it’s got folic acid!

Iron – Iron is important to having healthy blood and preventing anemia. Liver and organ meats are high in iron, but you can also get iron from lean meats, seafood, nuts, and green, leafy vegetables.

There are many more important vitamins and minerals needed in a healthy diet. If you can’t maintain your vitamin intake by food alone then it’s time to look into a multi-vitamin. There are all different types of multivitamin that are meant for different stages of life such as children’s, adult’s, prenatal, senior, and more. All of these types of vitamins are sold at CVS. If you’re looking for a CVS gift card, DealDash is the place to go! DealDash frequently has CVS gift cards up for bid. Here is a link right here to go check out the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!