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Tips for House Cleaning From DealDash


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a house cleaner? With these tips from DealDash, you won’t even need one!

Many people are looking for tips to clean their home more efficiently. They want to find the most helpful tips so that they can get their home looking the best that it possibly can. Here are a few tips that can get you started getting your home looking great. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Get Some Help

Firstly, you need to get everyone living in your home to get involved with the house cleaning. You will find that things will go a lot faster if more than one person takes the time to get active with cleaning. If it is left to one person you might find that the housework might get forgotten about. Or worse than that, the person who normally does the housework might start to build up resentment against the rest of the household. Get rid of that problem completely by working together.

Use Natural Cleaning Supplies

If you are looking for a very efficient way to get rid of odors in your home you can simply use a bowl of vinegar. You take the bowl of vinegar and place it where the odor is leaving it overnight. The next day you will see that the odor will be gone. It’s an efficient and natural way to make your home smell fresh.

Another way to freshen up your kitchen is with regular old lemons. You can purchase lemons specifically for cleaning, or you can squeeze the juice out first to put on food or make lemonaid, then use the rind for cleaning. Toss it down the garbage disposal with a handful of ice, and your disposal will be sparkling clean and smell fresh.

Get Your Windows to Shine

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to clean your windows you will want to use newspaper and window cleaner. It may sound very silly but the newspaper does an excellent job when it comes to cleaning windows. If you are looking for a way to clean your windows without using ammonia you can make use of water with lemon in it. If you want to use the lemon juice that you squeezed earlier to clean your garbage disposal, that would make a great way to use your products wisely.

Brush Your Teeth, Save Your Toothbrush

If you have old toothbrushes that you are about to get rid of, don’t do it. You can use them to clean things that you might have trouble getting into. For example, you can clean around faucets and in between titles. It’s a great way to do some deep cleaning when you want to really get your house looking good.

Let a Robot Do the Work

Lastly, why let the humans do all of the work? Get a robot in your house to help you clean. DealDash offers robot vacuum cleaners sometimes, and I was lucky enough to be able to win one about two years ago. His name is Neato, and he is still going strong even though I have him set to clean every single day. I still have to vacuum sometimes, of course, but he takes a lot of the work off of my plate and makes the vacuuming go much faster.

Thanks for Reading

Cleaning your house doesn’t need to be a great deal of work and with tips like these, you can get your home cleaned and looking great in no time at all.

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