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DealDash Helps You be More Pleasant


Studies show that people who are more pleasant to be around are also healthier and happier. Here are some tips from DealDash to improve your pleasant quotient.

Are you the cheerful person that everyone wants to be around? If not, why not?! No matter what’s going on in your life, being pleasant to be around just takes a few moments of your time and is completely free. One of the bonuses about being a pleasant person is that people tend to respond more positively to pleasant people and therefore will make your day brighter as well.

Hold the Positive, Let Go of the Negative

I know that everyone has a bad day here and there, and no one can be pleasant all of the time. However, there’s no reason to let every little thing in your day that doesn’t go right get you down. If you let all of the small things that go wrong get you down on a daily basis, then you’re definitely not going to be as pleasant as you can be. Try to turn some of those negatives into positives. For example, most people dislike the rain, especially if they have to walk in it. However, the rain helps the grass and flowers grow, helps replenish our lakes and ponds, and is good for the environment in general. Try to think on the positive side of life.

Take Delight in the Little Things

Tons of small but nice things happen every day. Maybe someone let you go ahead of them in line at the supermarket, maybe you found a dollar on the ground, or maybe your child brought home a 100 on a test. All of those are small things, but wonderful things that you should take delight in and celebrate with a smile. If you spend lots of time being happy with the small good things that happen during the day you’ll have less time to dwell on any negative things that happen.

Spread the Happiness Around

If you’re having a great day, why not pass that feeling on to others around you? Give someone a compliment, pay for someone else’s coffee, call your mom just to say hi. All of those things would take less than 5 minutes, and under $5, so why not?! Make someone else happy, and you will feel happiness in return. It comes full-circle, and everyone will be happier for it.

Don’t Always Say What You’re Thinking

Have you ever heard someone say “If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all?” Well, that’s smart advice if you want to be known as the most pleasant person around. Before you say something that might be taken as rude, then think about it a bit before you say it. If it’s not a helpful, and it might hurt someone’s feelings, then why say it? Bite your tongue, keep it to yourself, and move on. Life is short, try to keep all of your interactions pleasant.

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Helps You Make More Friends

DealDash friends

Making friends after you’re out of school can be difficult. Here are some tips and ideas from DealDash to make more friends.

There are literally zero negatives when it comes to making more friends and being a fun person to be around. There are only upsides. But how do you get into this habit of being extra pleasant and making more friends? Let DealDash help.

Keep it Polite and Friendly

It might go without saying, but to make new friends you need to be friendly! Living in a rather cold and impersonal place like Boston, it’s been very difficult to make friends. However, with my Southern manners and polite attitude, I have been able to develop a wide network of friends and acquaintances.

There’s no reason to be anything less than polite to anyone that you meet for the first time. When you meet someone be sure to look them in the eye and give them a friendly smile and introduce yourself in a pleasant way. You might not make any lasting friendships this way, but people will remember you as a nice person and will be happy to see you again in the future.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Of course, there will be times when someone aggravates, annoys, or even angers you. The key to handling this problem is to keep your cool, think things out, and don’t say anything that you might regret later on. You might be upset inside, but keep it cool on the outside. Later on, you can vent to a trusted friend or family member if you feel like you need to. When people see that you are able to keep calm and collected even when you’re upset they will think highly of you.

Keep it Confident

People want to be friends with confident people. There are few people in the world who are looking for a sad person who mopes around. People are drawn to confidence and want to surround themselves with confident people. This should be you! There’s no reason not to be confident! Let that pride in yourself shine through, and people will want to be around you and bask in it. Of course, overconfidence isn’t really attractive, either. It’s a fine line to walk, but I’m sure that you can do it!

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash’s Favorite Ways to Say Thanks

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There are so many different ways to say “Thank you.” Here are a few for you to use.

If you normally just say “Thank you.” When someone does you a favor, or goes above and beyond for you, why not do something a little more special for them? They will appreciate it very much, and will make them even more likely to do other nice things for you in the future. Remember, it’s always nice to be nice!

One of the easiest ways to thank someone other than just saying it is to get them a card and write a special message inside. You can get a card that is specific to the reason that you are thanking the person, or a more generic one that you can write in the reason yourself. In fact, if you would like to be cost-effective and plan on sending lots of thank you notes, buy a multi-pack of blank cards and save them for the next time that you would like to send someone a thank you card.

If you would like to go above and beyond just a card, why not send them a gift card as a thank you. Luckily for you, our favorite auction website, DealDash, offers gift cards for auction! DealDash has gift card auctions every single day, and I have seen them go for pennies on the dollar. However, if you don’t happen to win you can always BIN (Buy It Now), and get all of your bids back, free shipping, and get to keep the clock time that you accrued while being the highest bidder.

Another great way to give someone a special thank you is to make them something – especially something sweet and delicious. Baking someone cookies or a cake is a wonderful way to say thank you. If you’re not the baking sort, picking up a dozen cookies or donuts at the bakery is always nice as well.

Finally, if the above ideas don’t appeal to you, how about winning a piece of art or jewelry as a thank you to your friend or family member? DealDash has a nice assortment of art, as well as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings up for auction. If you need a special thank you gift for someone, just click this link here to visit DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone! Image result for things to do to say thank you

Doing Nice Things with DealDash

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November is the month of being thankful – Being nice and being thankful go hand-in-hand. Let’s think of some ways to be nice to others.

Why wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful for your friends and family? Let’s be extra thankful all month and show our appreciation for friends and family by doing nice things. Here are a few ideas for nice things that you can do for others.

Flowers. You can get flowers to spruce up a friend’s house. You can get a nice pot of mums for outside, or a nice arrangement from the supermarket or the big-box hardware store for under $10. This is something that you can do for just about any age, from 20-90.

Hang decorations. If you have an older friend or family member who loves to decorate for the holidays but has trouble doing so due to age and agility, why not offer to help them hang their decorations this year? It’s an easy thing to do that will make them smile. Just be sure to let them know that you will be back after the holidays to help them take the decorations down as well.

Shovel. If it isn’t snowing where you are by now, make someone happy by letting them know that you will be by to help them shovel on the first snow of the season. This is especially helpful for the elderly.

Coffee. On your morning coffee run, why not pick up a few extra coffees for your co-workers? It’s an easy and inexpensive way to make someone smile. Bonus points if you know how they like their coffee, but you can always get it black with creamers and sugar on the side.

Wrapping. Do you have a friend or family member who has a lot of people that they buy presents for? Why not offer to help them wrap presents? I personally find wrapping presents fun, and I always volunteer to be the present-wrapper when I get an opportunity. It boggles my mind that some people dislike wrapping presents, and I am always happy to help them.

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