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DealDash Gardens: 3 Must-Have Gardening Tools


Gardening season is almost here! Read this article and be prepared with these three must-have gardening tools from DealDash.

Gardening can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. When you have the right gardening tools, it can be easier to plant the type of plants that you want. You may not know what type of tools you need to have a successful garden. Here are the three must-have garden tools that you need for gardening, from DealDash.

Clearing Tools

One of the most important tools that you need is clearing tools. They are gardening tools that are designed for trimming stems and shoots, saving branches and cutting vines. Clearing tools are perfect for an overgrown garden. You can get clearing tools at your local retailers such as Lowes and Wal-Mart. Good news, bidders! DealDash has both Lowes and Wal-Mart gift cards up for auction.


Shovels are a very important garden tool because you need them for digging. If you are trying to dig a deep hole or plant more complex botanicals then a digging shovel will help. There are different types of shovels out there for different plants. Sometimes you have to dig deeper for heavy loads of soil. You can get shovels from a mass merchandise store or lawn and gardening stores. Again, DealDash has gift cards that can help!

Garden Rake

A garden rake can help you prep the soil for your vegetable and fruit garden. You can also use it for leveling mulch, scratching packed soil, and to level soil before seeding your lawn. A garden rake is also good for removing soil for from your lawn. Garden rakes are easy to buy, and they are a must-have tool for your garden. 

Thanks for Reading

Gardening does not have to be a difficult task. You can plant your plants easily by using these three must-have tools. Don’t forget to plant most of your plants during the summer and springtime. Growing your garden is a rewarding experience and by using these tools you will meet your gardening goals. Following these tips will help you have an easier time gardening.

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DealDash’s Fun Fall Essentials

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Fall is definitely my favorite season, and there are certain things that are especially great in fall. Here are some fall essentials that you should be without!

There’s a crisp fall smell in the air, a combination of fireplace smoke, the last lawn mowing of the year, and apple cider donuts. I love fall! Living in New England I also get the special treat of seeing the beautiful autumn leaves change color, but the things on this fall essentials list can be enjoyed by most anyone. No, I’m not talking about yard waste bags and rakes! These are fun fall essentials.

  • Legging and hoodies. Leggings and hoodies are the perfect way to stretch out the use of your dresses, and hoodies are perfect over a t-shirt when you aren’t sure if the day is going to warm up later on. Leggings and hoodies are a great way to say hello to the autumn!
  • Pumpkin spice. I’m not ashamed, I love pumpkin spice everything, from muffins and coffee to candles and car air fresheners. If it’s pumpkin spice, it’s for me! Pumpkin spice coffee and lattes can really get you in a great mood for the cooler weather, and pumpkin spice candles can make your living room seem warm and inviting when you come in from the outdoors.
  • Fall decorations. There are so many great decorations that you can use in the fall, in October we have Halloween decorations, of course. And in November you can use harvest, leaves in baskets, Thanksgiving, and even put up your Christmas decorations Thanksgiving weekend! What better way to say Goodbye to fall than putting up the Christmas tree?
  • Apple picking. Apples are abundant at this time of year, and picking them is a fun activity for just about anyone.
  • Pies. Fall is the time to use those freshly picked apples and make pies. Fall pies aren’t just about apples, though. Pumpkin, blueberry, and strawberry rhubarb pies are wonderful fall treats as well.

I hope that you enjoyed my list of fun fall essentials. As the weather is getting cooler in the evening, it’s the perfect time to stay in and use DealDash to shop. Shopping on DealDash is definitely a fun fall activity. Just click this link right here and you can browse the DealDash auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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