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Let DealDash Decorate Your Kid’s Room


Has your little one outgrown the nursery? Let DealDash help decorate their new room.

When you are looking to decorate your child’s room you want to have some input from them. What color the room will be, for example. You do however need to make sure that they do not go too wild with their suggestions. Here are a few ideas for themes that you can do when you want to decorate your child’s new “big kid” bedroom, from DealDash.

Do They Like Cars?

If your child is a fan of cars you can choose to have a racetrack theme for their bedroom. You can easily locate a race car style bed for your child’s bedroom and you could decorate the walls in your child’s room with a race track and a checkered flag.

Fairy Tales for Boys and Girls

Another option that works well for both girls and boys is a fairy tale room. You can make use of things like fairies, knights, and dragons just to name a few choices. You can even get them a four-poster bed that has curtains around it as an extra touch to make sure that they feel like royalty in their room.

Outer Space is Cool!

If you have a child that is not afraid to be in the dark you could have a winner with a space themed room. You can use black along with deep purple and dark blues to decorate the walls. You can also find glow in the dark moon and stars for the walls and ceiling. A neat idea would be to arrange some of the stars into constellations. They even have nightlights to project the moon onto the ceiling.

This type of theme could also work for a child who loves airplanes and flying. Change the night time outer space look to a daytime one with clouds.

Make Sure to Really Listen

This is really just the start of the cool ideas that you can use to decorate your child’s room. You should really listen and see what your child is interested in. Do this before you start decorating your child’s room as you want to make sure that they are in a room that they are going to love for hopefully a long time to come. You don’t want to decorate your child’s room with the newest “fad” because the fad will fade soon enough and they will be stuck with the room until it’s time to re-decorate again.

Don’t Forget DealDash

When you’re shopping for your child’s new room, don’t forget to check DealDash. DealDash has many different, interesting, and fun things that you could use to decorate your child’s room. They have nightlights, sheet sets, clocks, paintings, and more to liven up their sleeping space.

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DealDash Decorates the Family Room

Image result for family room

Have you redecorated your family room lately? The family room gets a lot of use, why not spruce it up?

We have talked a lot about decorating different rooms of the house, and the family room is an important room that gets a lot of use. If you haven’t redecorated or rearranged things in your family room lately, maybe you should think about a change.

Sometimes small changes are all you need to completely change a room. A new accent here, a new window treatment there – presto! A whole new look! Here are a few small changes and additions that you might want to think about making to keep your family room fresh.

TV – The family room just isn’t complete without a TV! Are you still using an older TV? Today’s TVs are lighter, easier to hang on the wall, have better colors, a sharper image, and have thinner bezels so you get more of a picture in the same footprint of an older TV. Be sure to check DealDash if you’re in the market for a new TV. Here’s a link.

Music – If you’re still using that old 5-CD changer from college, think Bluetooth speakers! You can get huge sound in a tiny package with the new MP3/4 Bluetooth speakers. They come in different shapes, designs, sizes, and power. Most of them have remotes, and you can get one that plugs in with a cord, or others that you can charge via USB. My kids love to listen to music and sing and dance in our family room. I have a Bluetooth speaker that is paired with my iPod Touch so that they can listen to “Mom approved” music anytime they would like. If you’d like to get a Bluetooth speaker for your family room, just visit DealDash at this link. 

Couches and Chairs – If your furniture is looking a little shabby, there’s an easy fix for that – covers! In the not so distant past couch and chair covers were only available in neutral colors and were not the easiest to find. Now there are couch and chair covers out that come in fun colors and are available in any of your local box box stores. If you get a couple of different ones you can regularly change them out so you can wash them, and change up the look of your room at the same time.

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you’d like to redecorate any of your rooms be sure to check out DealDash first. DealDash has some beautiful decorative items as well as functional ones. Just click this link here and visit DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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