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DealDash Self-Motivation for Kids and Adults


Encouraging self-motivation in your kids is important. This is a valuable life skill that not everyone has. Read on for tips and ideas from DealDash.

Is your child less than excited about doing their homework?  Or perhaps it’s you that has trouble getting started with your work or chores. If you are having trouble with self-motivation then you can easily pass that down to your children. If you find that you or your child is lacking in self-motivation here are some tips that will help encourage the development of motivation.

Stay Positive, Rewards Work

The first thing that you want to do is stay positive and encourage any movement towards self-motivation.  You need to appreciate any effort that your child makes so hopefully you can turn that into even bigger efforts in the future.  And by staying positive you’ll be helping to encourage them.

As for yourself, if you see that you are making progress then there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little treat to reward yourself. DealDash has some amazing luxury treats that you’ll want to check out. From candles to jewelry, DealDash is there for you when you want to treat yourself.

Don’t Ignore Failure

You also need to not ignore failures.  Make sure to remind yourself and to teach your kids that it’s OK not to do well at things all the time.  Again this comes around to staying positive so that your child will hopefully adopt a positive attitude of self-motivation for things that they will do in the future. When you or your child has a failure you should acknowledge it and move on. There’s no sense in dwelling on the mistake, look towards the future.

Do Things Your Own Way

Sometimes what seems like a lack of motivation can just be the fear of making a mistake. If you or your child needs a little extra help then try to adopt a learning style that will help with motivation.  For example, if you or your child is a visual learner and like to do things like baking you can help them learn things like volume and measurements. This will be in a fun way that doesn’t seem like a troublesome math lesson.

Build Self-Esteem

While you’re doing all of this you also want to remember to work on your self-esteem. If your child is the one with the trouble, then helping them build their self esteem will go far in making sure that they develop a healthy attitude and self-motivation.  You want to congratulate them on their victories and help them work through on their failures. This will help them to build self -esteem and hopefully been more motivated in the future.

Thanks for Reading

Building self-motivation in yourself or your child can seem like a difficult task. However, it is an important lesson to learn so you want to be there to help teach it to them.

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