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DealDash Kids: Summer Birthday Party


Summer birthday parties can be so much fun. Here are some tips from DealDash to throw a successful summer birthday party.

We all want to throw memorable parties for our kids. Unfortunately, sometimes when money is tight, you may want to try to save more money than usual on your kid’s birthday party. The important thing to realize is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your kid’s birthday party special. All it takes is some well thought out planning and a creative mind. Here are some tips on throwing a kid’s summer birthday party on a budget, from DealDash.

Plan Your Party Ahead of Time

A summer party needs more planning than a winter one since it will most likely include indoor and outdoor ones as well. To avoid spending a lot of money on decorations, game, and food, you should plan a few months ahead. The winter is a great time to buy summer items since they are most likely at a big discount. Shop slowly throughout the colder months, and you will have time to find the discounts on the items that you need.

Send Digital Invitations

A summer party can be tricky since you can’t hand out invitations in school. You don’t want to waste money on stamps to mail them to the parents. Thus, sending digital invitations will help you stay on a budget. You can email invites or create a Facebook event. If you know that you are planning on having a summer birthday party for your child then be sure that you get a list of the parent’s email addresses before school is over. This will assure that your child will be able to invite all of the friends that they want to, even though they don’t see them daily in school.


Choosing the right foods is important for a kid’s birthday party. Luckily, summer party food is extremely easy! Grilling food outside is easy and inexpensive. Grilling some hot dogs and hamburgers will be the perfect lunch or dinner for your summer party. In addition to the grilled food, just get a few bags of chips and some cut up fruit. You can even get a few boxes of popsicles for dessert. Like I said, summer food is very easy and inexpensive to prepare.

Goody Bags for Summer

Throwing your child a summer birthday party is exciting. Don’t forget to put together goody bags. These can have things like temporary tattoos, bubbles, stickers, and maybe even an inexpensive water gun or jump rope. If you want to be really creative, you can put these items in a summer sand bucket instead of a plastic or paper bag. You can write each child’s name on the bucket in Sharpie marker or even paint. Have fun!

Thanks for Reading

Follow these tips as well as coming up with some fun games will make your child’s summer birthday party a success. These tips will help you create fun on a budget for your kid’s birthday party. If you follow these tips, your child will have a fun summer birthday party that they will be excited about!

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