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DealDash: Get Your Kids Involved with Yard Work


Everyone needs to help around the house, including kids. Here are some tips and tricks to get your kids involved with the yard work.

With summertime in full swing, you’re likely looking for ways to get your children active with yard work.  There are many different ways you can get kids of all ages active in helping you get the yard work including some of the following, from DealDash.

Gardens are Fun

You can decide to plant a small garden.  Kids love the opportunity to get involved with a garden. You can decide either plant flowers and vegetables are maybe some of both. Your children will have a fun time helping to the yard to help keep your garden in great shape. You could even help them do something fun like plant a fairy garden.

Are They Old Enough to Mow?

If they’re a certain age where they’re responsible enough to handle the lawnmower you should teach them how to mow the lawn.  You will be able to have them take care of this job so you can focus on other aspects of yard work. Personally, I started mowing my parent’s lawn when I was around 11 years old. However, I was a very serious and cautious child, so if your child is more on the silly side, then wait until they are older.

Raking Can Be Fun

You could also consider bringing out rakes so that you can take care of getting rid of lawn clippings. This will make your yard look as good as possible.  Your kids will have fun doing work like this to make sure you make the job fun for them. 

Make it Age-Appropriate and Fun

You can also have them do things like sweeping your deck and trimming branches. This, of course, is if they are old enough to take care of doing a job like that. You need to be sure that you are giving them age-appropriate jobs to do. And while the work won’t always be fun you should try and make it as fun as possible for your kids. This will encourage them to want to continue to do the yard work… Or at least not resist it too much!

Thanks for Reading

The yard work will not always be fun. However, it is something that kids should learn to do when they’re at an appropriate age. This way when they are adults they will know how to take care of their own home and lawn.

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Fall is Here! DealDash Does Yard Work

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Fall is upon us, and in most parts of the US that means it’s time for yard work!

No matter if your yard is big or small, if you have even one tree that means you will have some yard work to do this season. Of course, most people who have a yard have more than one there, and therefore more yard work to accomplish. Even if you don’t have any trees, don’t worry, there’s yard work for you to do as well! Here are a few of the common tasks that you should be doing in the fall to prepare for the winter ahead.

  • Raking – of course! When most people think of fall they immediately think of raking the fallen leaves. This is usually a fairly easy task that can even be fun if the whole family gets involved. Go ahead, just in that leaf pile, it will melt away the stresses of the day and add an added bonus will amuse your young children and embarrass your older ones. Win-win!
  • Plant your flower bulbs now for the spring. Yes, now is the optimal time to plant tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. If you plant the bulbs now you can avoid having to do this in the spring. Just be sure that you are planting the freshest bulbs – give them a squeeze to ensure firmness before planting. You can also plant cooler weather grasses, as well.  The most common ones are Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and fine fescue. These are often packaged up and sold as a blend, which is very convenient if you were planning on planting a mixture anyway.
  • Cover your assets. Be sure to detach your gas tank from your grill and cover it up with a quality grill cover. Also, cover up your patio furniture if possible, and move anything else into your garage or basement such as tiki torches, lanterns, and any kid’s toys you have scattered about.
  • Clean those gutters. If you live in a house with gutters be sure that you have scooped and cleaned them out after most of the leaves have fallen. Clogged gutters can damage your home and cause basement flooding when snow melts, so it’s important to clean your gutters before winter arrives. Just get up on a ladder and scoops those yucky leaves out. After you have scooped, give the gutters a quick rinse with the garden hose.

Those are the basics! Now make yourself a checklist and get to work. DealDash has many things that can help you with your fall maintenance such as rakes, tools, and much more. DealDash has a wonderful outdoors section that you can check out. Just click this link and you can see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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Getting Ready for Spring Yard Work With DealDash

Spring time is the most vital time of the year for yard treatment. DealDash wants to help you best take care of your yards. It is the period when the yard needs to recuperate from the severe cold caused by winter and when it has to get ready for summer. You need to prepare with some fantastic suggestions on exactly how you can manage it.

yard care Getting Started with Spring Lawn Care

There is a great deal of things that you need to discover in order to get started with grass treatment. In order to assist you, here are some of the more crucial ideas that you could use:

  • Begin by cleaning up the lawn. That would certainly consist of raking it up and getting particles that might have been left over from winter months. Yet try not to rake the ground too intensely or you may damage it.
  • Get all your tools ready. You have to clean them once you bring them from their storage. Any type of device that has a relocating part on it ought to be oiled effectively before you utilize it.
  • You must test your soil initially before you grow any kind of brand-new seed on it. That is the best means to make sure that exactly what you are growing there is in fact compatible with the kind of soil that you have which it would actually grow there. Not testing before growing could result in poor development.
  • Try to regulate the weeds that could expand on the ground right at the start. If you wait also lengthy and just begin battling the weed when it is complete grown up after that you might have a hard time managing it. The best way is to act also before the weed begins showing up.
  • Select a fertilizer with nitrogen that has a slow release effect on it. That would enable the yard as well as the plants on the ground to have abundant supply of that nutrient as they are expanding.
  • Try not to establish your mower too reduced because that would certainly destroy the grass. The very best time to cut the lawn remains in the early morning or at night when it is colder. That would prevent any sort of problems on the ground.
  • See to it that you regularly sprinkle the yard. Lack of water is one of one of the most common reasons that yard obtains damaged or there are problems with it.
  • You need to keep the lawn aerated in order to maintain your lawn renewed and also healthy and balanced. As it grows older the ground on your lawn ends up being more compacted. You could start aerating it by loosening the ground making use of tools.
  • If you find any sort of bare spots on the lawn look after it right away. Plant turf seeds to cover the damaged area, however see to it that you are growing the exact same type of yard that you have with the remainder of the yard. Damages places could start spreading out.

yard work

These are merely a few of the things that you can do in order to maintain you yard looking great during springtime and also get it prepared for summer season. As you can see, these are basic steps to comply with. And you can find a lot of the tools and items you need to complete these yard work care tips on DealDash.